Monday, December 27, 2010

Men Under The Lash

There were many comments made on our blog posts over the holiday weekend.  Our new friend, Mike, posted on virtually every post we have made so far.  Thanks, Mike!

On the “Corporal Punishment Alternative to Jail?” post, Mike writes, “…its got to be voluntary and, sexist pig that I am, men only.  I am not so sure that it is sexist to insist that only men take the lash.  I think it is more  a function of our society’s customs.   There is something in us that just doesn’t want to watch a woman physically suffer.  As an example, I suggest you watch this theatrical flogging of a woman in this Mary Bryant YouTube clip.   That’s one of the most savage (and probably realistic for the period) floggings I have ever seen in a movie, yet I found it to be disturbing because it was a woman being flogged.  If it had been a man enduring that flogging, I would have bookmarked it and saved it for repeated viewing.

I also think a further reason that we expect to watch only men take whippings is, as Mike points out, our custom that allows men to take off their shirts in public.  It isn’t a scandal when a man strips off his shirt on the street, but the same action would land a woman in jail.  If a man can take off his shirt in public for any number of activities, like swimming, running, working, etc, then we can expect him to expose his back to the whip.

Any beating that is not exclusively on a man’s bare back cannot be called a flogging, nor even, generally, whipping.  If it requires or contains nudity (a shirtless back isn’t nudity), it is sexual BDSM.  There are plenty of forums for that already in existence.  WhippingDudes is not about sex:  Our goal with this blog—and our YouTube channel—is to focus on the manly courage it takes to seek out and endure flogging.  If you enjoy watching men take this traditional form of punishment, or if you’re a man who likes “an awesome masculine ordeal”, you have found a home here!  


  1. Sorry this is not quite germane to your post, but it is very germane to this blog and I couldn't find a more appropriate blog entry on which to hang it.

    I stumbled across a photo and 2 videos (Video 1 and video 2 with out-of-sync sound), depicting a piece of "performance art" at an Athens, Greece art museum in 2009. The two are different edits from different cameras of the same performance. First, a totally naked man flogs himself with a doubled-over belt while walking in a circle. marked out with sand on the floor. Next, he assumes the fetal position with hand crossed behind his back, and another man binds his hands, places a burlap sack as a hood over his head, and proceeds to viciously flog him to blood. Finally, he is unbound and unhooded, stands up, walks to the edge of the crowd, poses for a few photos, picks up his clothes, backpack and boots, and walks out of the gallery. One of these links is to a non-public video. Please respect the author's intent by not posting it on your Youtube Favorites list/home page.

    Here is a Google translation of an article about it.

  2. Obviously, only men taking the lash is sexist.

    First, if your concern is nudity, you can expose to the lash only the naked back of a woman without showing her breasts. There are women willing and capable of enduring a bare back whipping as well or better than any man. In history, women were subject to the same floggings as men.

    Second, nudity is not always something sexual. The idea of a shirtless whipping is introduced by modern cinema to avoid showing what would be considered "indecent nudity", but real whippings of men and women in history were in most cases done with the victim completely naked. In fact, a full back body whipping is more painful and difficult to endure. There are lots of people for whom a naked bottom whipping is sexually arousing, but that doesn't mean you cannot whip a naked bottom whithout sexual intention or effect. There are good reasons to choose the bottom: less risk of accidental damages with harder strokes, and easier to don't show your stripes if you don't want to.

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  4. Hey, wanted to say that I hope to hear from some people soon on here, I am a gay man in that all want to talk to other men into taking and giving whippings like a man, want to take it stoically proudly like a real man, I am a gay man but do find it a challenge of manhood, the real are of taking pain like a man, it's just also happens to arouse me but I'm not into BDSM master and slave begging crying and whimpering. Is far as this specific post I know that some women are very very strong and could take it very well but I just happen to be like some people on here that's just not something that I preferred to see, but I don't think that that should stop them from find to find some people that might want to experience that. Definitely looking to talk to men that can take it very well like ra real man should, would definitely love to talk also have some other foams of manhood challenges that we can discuss if you're interested that we can discuss if you're interested. I know of some videos on YouTube that some of you may not be aware that are on there three really impressive videos two that the men take it very well one y'all probably have seen before.

  5. Because no one is posting, I doubt many people are visiting often and I think the site is nearly dead.

    I strongly recommend joining the site. It is a free, privately-run, non-commercial site owned and run by a whipping enthusiast.

    That site requires registration and registration must be confirmed by clicking a link in an email it will send. A few people report trouble with confirmation, I suspect sometimes the confirmation message is ending up in their spam folder, or they are using Google mail and aren't aware that the default view only shows "priority mail" as determined by Google's filters, and don't know that they need to look in various other folder to see everything.

    In any event, do remember that the site is run by one man, not a corporation with a 24 by 7 help desk staff, so help will be slower than one might get from a commercial site, and users should be courteous because they are dealing with a real person doing this as a hobby, not a paid professional help desk drone.