Thursday, March 26, 2015

Casting Call--Turn Your Back For The Lash


I am putting together a DVD of men taking floggings.  If you are man enough to step up, strip down, and endure a traditional flogging on your bare back, contact me.  Men will take 60 lashes with a quirt or cat, followed by 12 lashes with a prison strap (total 6 dozen lashes).  These will be real punishment floggings, so all lashes will be laid on with full force--and no chance to be cut down before the punishment is complete.

Must be 18 years or older to participate (and provide proof), certify that you are fit enough to endure the stress of the lash, and sign required waiver and/or contract.

If you've got the stones, and are (or will be in the Salt Lake City area), email me at

Are you in?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Public Flogging

It's been quite awhile since I posted anything here.  That's because there hasn't been much to report on the flogging scene, but I have some news (coming in a later post) about what's going on for 2015.  Here's a preview:  farm labor under the lash!

Right now, though, I thought I would share some important news on the official corporal punishment aspect.  A man in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to public flogging (  For the purposes of this blog, I am not making a comment on the reasons for which he was sentenced to the lash.  I think the idea of public flogging instead of long-term incarceration would much better serve the needs of society--and actually curtail unwanted activities (I am thinking of things like drunk driving)

What are your thoughts?

Oh!  And don't forget about the new social network--email me at to join.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 Social Site

I am sorry for the trouble some of you are having with the site.  The problem is my lack of experience in web-design (especially relating to social networks).  The issue is that bots keep creating accounts and making a mess of the site.  If you would like to join, I will have to manually create your account for you.  Please email me at with the username and password you would like to use, and I will set it up for you.

For those that find the adult content warning a nuisance, the warnings stop once you login.  Thanks for your understanding.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I have created a social network for people interested in flogging.  You can find it at  Join us for the lash!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

No Forced Labor Summer 2014

I am sorry to report that my efforts to acquire land in Colorado have fallen short.  I have not been able to find land suitable for my purposes which have sufficient water available.  I continue to look--and expanded my search to surrounding states--but as of right now, the plan for a summer retreat of forced labor and rigid discipline in 2014 is cancelled.

I deeply apologize to everyone for the inconvenience of offering the possibility and then falling down on the delivery.  However,  I am very encouraged by the nearly two dozen (TWO DOZEN!) men who stepped forward expressing interest in this adventure.

I will continue my efforts and hopefully have some land suitable for shirtless sweaty labor under the lash of my whip in 2015.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

WANTED: Strong Backs For Hard Farm Labor

COLORADO:  Healthy adult males with strong backs needed for hard farm labor.  NO PAY.  Daily forced exercise and back-breaking labor under rigid disciplinary conditions enforced with cruel punishments.  Adequate feed provided.  You WILL be flogged hard and often.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Though this is not intrinsically a bare back whipping story, I put it forward as a viable step
in the start of full bare back single tail whipping "introduction" for guys who are relatively
new to the lash., or even guys into serious whippings as a "starter".
I have a friend who is CRAZY for the lash, over full bikers leather kombi, a real tough guy,
police academy diver, sportsman, into "extreme sports" - we have built up a very good whip
relationship for him having the back of his Polizei leather motorcop kombi lacerated with my
Mike Murphy bullwhip, this is a whip with a razor sharp finely cut fall, which would cut easily
even on light strokes across a guys back, I use this whip with him when he is spreadeagled and
give FAST strokes across his back, as he arches his back out for each stroke, the thick soft hide
of the Harro made German Polizei kombi's is a very thick soft hide, as it is stretched across his
back the stroke of the whip will leave narrow scars across the leather, I use different whips
with thickly cut hide falls to "wrap" him as he is loosely spreadeagled and work around him to
make the whip SNAP around his back and "heighten" the session.
Full leather whippings are gaining popularity with guys into full leathers/uniform, a very hot
vid. called "Leather & law" (download link available if you email me) has a HOT leather whipping
at the end of this fetish leathermens film

My friend into this type of whipping also wears the lacerated leather Polizei kombi as a subliminal
sign to show his "preference" when he is in specialized SM clubs, a session like this can last a long
long long time and gets VERY INTENSE, leaving weals across a guys back but not actually lacerating
him, the full amount of strokes can literally run into 300++++
Since getting into this scene, I have heard of guys who look for 2nd hand one piece/zipped together
leather bikers kombi's especially for a whipping session, even looking for kombi's that have plain black
back/legs that can be scored and lacerated with a sharp whip.

Any other guys here into this kind of session?? floggingman @ gmail d0t c0m

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


comments/feedback appreciated from guys into the special dynamic between two guys, one whiphand man and one guy who needs the lash. floggingman at gmail . c0m

Friday, June 15, 2012

Backs for the Lash, Summer Challenge 2012

I know our readers like to see a good bare back lashed.  Now that it’s summer (or about to be), you see young men running around shirtless almost everywhere.  We need to see those backs!  So, I issue a call to all those who are truly inspired by a back that is bared in public and simply aching for the lash: take a camera (or even just your cell phone) to the park every weekend this summer and take pictures.  Send them to our new email address at

American men need to be reintroduced to the lash!

Friday, May 4, 2012


The slap of the lashes still ringed loudly in his ears, but he seemed to be in a far off place.  His back seethed with heat and his psyche screamed with suffering.  He was in the final lashes of his sentence, and the young men assigned with inflicting it demonstrated their stamina by continuing to forcefully slap each stroke down across his unprotected back.  The full force of their muscular arms, skillfully wielding their leather straps, evoked a shriek from his throat which was mirrored tenfold in his mind.  His strong 22 year old back had never known such suffering.  He had been disciplined by flogging before, but never like this.  The declaration of war had certainly changed the tenor of authority in the ranks.

His back was a solid mass of thick blood blisters, some of which had broken, leaving thin streams of blood running down his skin.  Over the course of a full 15 dozen lashes, the edges of the straps had many times wrapped around his lats, leaving a jagged line of vertical, dark purple welts running down his sides.  Occasionally, the inflicting soldiers would step in and the strap would wrap around as far as the outer edges of his nipples.  The cruelest lashes cut into his tender armpits. 

“180! Halt!” ordered the sergeant in charge.  He turned to look up at the officer, standing on the observation platform, saluted and reported, “Disciplinary action completed, sir, 15 dozen lashes laid on hard.”

“Cut him down,” the officer calmly ordered.

The young corporals stepped to the Y-shaped whipping post and began to release the prisoner.  The touch of their calloused hands on his arms, as they lifted him off his heels to relieve the pressure on his wrists, evoked an involuntary sigh of relief which came out as a pathetic groan.  The flogged soldier’s stomach was churning from the pain of his ordeal and he vomited bile as he collapsed to the ground.

Through clenched teeth, the angry commander ordered, “Get that man on his feet!”

The corporals roughly lifted the soldier to his feet to face the officer who had ordered his punishment for falling out of the morning run.  Despite the heat and humidity of the summer morning, the soldier stood in a cold sweat, but as erect as any other man in the formation.

“Soldier, turn and face the platoon,” The flogged man and the attendant corporals all did a quick about-face.  The officer continued:  “This man was punished for malingering.  As you can see from his face, the blood on his back, and the vomit this animal left on the ground, that he was beaten beyond his ability to endure it.  This is what each of you can expect from this point forward.  We are at war now and I will show idleness as much mercy as I show the enemy.”

“This man and his squad will labor and exercise shirtless today.  Sergeants and corporals are to drive them with full force.  I expect keen attention paid to their exposed backs.  Malingering from any man in that squad will result in another session this evening for the malingerer and for this man.”

“Yes, sir!” snapped the sergeant, saluted and turned to his platoon.  “3rd Squad, strip!”  The men of 3rd squad didn’t hesitate to obey, quickly pulling their shirts over their heads.  The flogged soldier was ordered to join them.

After shirts and been stuffed into their cargo pockets, the platoon was formed into running formation, with the flogged man at the center to ensure he kept up.  The sergeant cracked his whip and shouted “Forward March!”  Once the platoon began moving, he cracked his whip again and shouted “Double-time, March!”  The troops began to sprint to the site of their day’s backbreaking labor:  digging a line of defensive trenches.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Flogging in Sports?

Have you ever thought that the threat of flogging for a losing participant would make for a more intense sporting spectacle?  Young men, like college wrestlers, would compete that much harder to avoid being seized up (unless they were like those that frequent this blog, of course) to avoid the pain of a public flogging.

This would be most easily implemented in one-on-one sports such as, as previously mentioned, wrestling, boxing, or cage fighting.  But it could be modified so that team sports could also be punished in such a way.  If the rules were created so that the team captain (i.e. quarterback in football) would be stripped to the waist and flogged by two members of the winning team immediately after the game, the teams are likely to play that much harder.  Of course this would really depend on how much the team liked their leader—if they didn’t care for him too much, they might occasionally purposefully lose a match in order to teach him a lesson.  So, it could add a very interesting dynamic to each and every event!

What are your thoughts on this?  Would you watch a sport that you otherwise have no interest in if the loser was flogged after the match?  Do you think more people would be drawn to sports if this were part of the game?  Would this cause you to buy a ticket and actually attend a live event, instead of just watching it on TV?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Arbitrary Flogging?

In response to Lashlover’s comment on Part 1 of Flogged on the March, I decided to write a post.  Lashlover makes an interesting point that the theme of punishments being meted out for committing no crime or doing nothing wring is persistent thorough literature and cinema—even on this blog.  Why would that theme be so pervasive? 

I think that, like Chris pointed out in a comment on our Poll: Strip it Off or Rip it Off, the image of a man bravely obedient to authority, even if that authority is used unjustly, is a strong one.   It says a great deal about the man submitting that he will brave his back because the law says he should do so.

But Lashlover also raises the question about how prevalent flogging for minor (or no) offense would have been in real life.  We know that punishments were ordered with such zeal in the British Army that the King of England eventually had to limit floggings to 1,000 lashes.  If that many can be awarded by a court-martial, disciplinary floggings in the normal course of duty must have been carried out with accepted regularity.  The governing principle for centuries in militaries throughout the world was that soldiers would only fight if they feared their own officers more than they feared enemy guns (this philosophy is still used to a great extent to instill military discipline in modern armies, but that isn’t really relevant for a flogging blog—although I wish it were). 

In order to maintain that effect, officers would have to constantly prove that they—and they alone—wielded violence.  The most effective way to do that is to keep punishment firmly planted in the forefront of their minds.  A soldier would always carefully consider his actions out of fear of harsh punishment, especially if he regularly witnessed floggings, and saw how indifferent the officers were to the screams of his comrades writing under the lash.

And officers who understood that no man would make a move to stop a flogging he ordered would have no incentive not to brutalize his men.  I am not suggesting that all officers acted this way, but like Major Sir Henry Simmerson in the Sharpe series, entitled aristocratic twits were widespread throughout the British office corps for centuries.  The character even remarks to another officer, “You have no understanding of the British soldier.  He is a brute in a red coat.  They need the lash!”  This was probably a very common opinion which was acted upon with fanaticism. 

Even American colonists, when tensions began to mount between Britain and the colonies, referred to British Army soldiers as “bloody backs”, which suggests that flogging was a common (probably the only) means of punishment employed against them.  Having served in a military (both as an enlisted soldier and as an officer) which does not have flogging as an option, I find it particularly hard to believe that crime would be so rampant in the ranks—of an army deployed for combat—that punishment would need to be so incessant as to make the civilian population remark upon it.

Which leads us to, I believe, an answer to Lashlover’s concern.  Intentional criminal acts were probably rare (although not as rare as you would find in a modern army), but the officers needed an excuse to keep the men fearful of their lawful authority to summarily strip them to the waist and flog skin off their backs.  Therefore, officers, either by natural inclination or by adherence to their duty, would find any minor fault—even so much as un-shined boots during a formal inspection—as reason to seize a man up. 

Given that 1,000 lashes eventually had to be placed as a limit, an award of 50 lashes for “failure to show proper respect for the uniform” would not have raised an eyebrow among either the men witnessing it or officers who later reviewed the Regimental record.