Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two Dozen Lashes: Discussion of New Video

Happy New Year!  We hope that 2011 proves to be prosperous for everyone!

As promised, we finally uploaded our third flogging video to YouTube.  It’s titled Soldier’s Punishment: Flogging.  As I mentioned in the Dec 29 post, we chose a traditional (at least what you see in the movies as “traditional”) military punishment of two dozen lashes.  This is our first video using The Quirt. 

As soon as the final stroke of the sentence had been laid to my back, I wished we had agreed to do more.  But because we were filming, it was too late to ask for extra lashes.  The stripes on my back could still be seen two days later, but sadly, the delicious pain of the welts wore off within an hour—thus proving the need for harsher punishment next time.

So, now that we have our tribute to Hollywood out of the way, there will be no floggings of less than 50 lashes! I am very proud of the work we are doing.  I want these videos to be aesthetically pleasing to people with a passive interest (i.e. just like to watch) as well as instructive and as topics for discussion among those that man up for the experience.  I think we are achieving that and getting better with each video.  This one is the first using a green screen and new editing software I gave myself for Christmas—and I learned a lot from the exercise.

You can see the power of the blows on the slow motion capture which follows the full flogging.  I captured only lashes 9-20 in slow motion because of the amount of time that feature adds to the total length of the clip (not to mention the upload time).  We hope you enjoy the new video—and please feel free to make comments and critiques about it here and on the WhippingDudes YouTube! Channel.  We want to get better over time, so constructive criticism is always welcome!


  1. Fantastic video. And the power of blows are seen even on the normal motion capture. Felicitations for your work ... and also for your courage !
    The scene shows only the whipping. It's the major part of the punishment. It would also be interessant to show the context of the punishment : for instance, the sentence ("you are condamned to xx lashes"), the way you are marched to the whipping area (restrained ? free ?), the way you are tied-up, how many time you are waiting tied-up before being whipped, are you released just after punishment or do you stay tied-up for the hour waiting for the pain of the welts to fade ?
    In any case I just wait for your next video, hoping that it will be as impressive as this one ... and I will review this last one many times.
    50 lashes with the same whip would surely be a great performance, I can't imagine what would be the reaction of the victim during the third or the fourth dozen, when the receiving pain is so visible during the second dozen ...
    Happy near year, and I wish you as many floggings as you want to receive.

  2. @Paugere: thanks for the encouragement. We are already planning dramatic elements, like the kind you describe, in future videos.

  3. Awesome, dude, way to take it like a man. It's really cool to see other guys into whipping like me. But that old saying about being careful what ya wish for, 50 lashes man, I dunno, unless you've got a real high pain tolerance (and I get to brag here, I do) you're gonna be hangin' by your wrists when he gets done whippin' ya. Been there, stud.

    If you're really looking into how much you can take, just a couple suggestions, on the cheap because whips can be expensive.

    Try getting whipped with a rope, yah, a rope, I'm not kidding. I got it once with a piggin' string, do ya know what that is? Calf ropers use it in rodeo. It leaves quite an imprint and man, do you feel it.

    Actually, that's what they use to use in Naval floggings instead of a leather cat. The whip was nine pieces of knotted rope.

    And like I told ya, if you can find rawhide shoe laces, buy a bunch of them (72 inch ones). String them together, wipe them down with some leather cleaner, and have at it. It'll really test your stamina.

    I don't know where you get your whips or how much you've spent on them, they can get frickin' expensive. Google Western Stage Props and navigate the site, eventually you'll come to Australian Bullwhips. There, you'll see this 30 inch Dog Quirt whip...awesome. THAT is one you really gotta be careful with because it'll split your hide if applied with full force...

    Man, I've probably said to much, but I'm like totally addicted to this. Anyway, here's hoping that YouTube doesn't exercise that violation crap on your latest vid.

  4. Way to take the punishment like a man, dude. So like now you're gonna take a harsher whipping, awesome. Hope that you've got a high pain tolerance, because 50 can leave you hanging by the wrists.

    About the only criticism I have is that the guy laying in on should criscross your back with the whip, ya know, like 12 on the left side, then lay 12 on from the right. Even things out.

  5. Oh yah, try getting whipped with a rope, dude. I had a piggin string used on me once. It's the rope calf ropers use in rodeo. Man, that really hurts. I'm kind of partial to cowboy stuff.

    Here's hoping that YouTube doesn't shut this vid down.

  6. Funny you should mention that you wanted more lashes. I thought I detected some disappointment in you voice that the punishment was complete. You were really relaxing into you restraints and looked like you were prepared for more. Maybe you could use some kind of signal to let the flogger know you want more lashes. That way, when you reach the set number and think you can take more al you have to to is give a signe to lay on ten more. Just like the original set number of lashes, there is no stopping until they are all recieved. Keep up the good work. I'd really like to work with you someday.

  7. Awesome vid. I'm taking no chances and immediately downloaded it. I have long been an advocate of the rawhide quirt. Used with muscle and power (and it looks like yr partner whipping you has a good gun--was he shirtless or in a wifebeater?) it results in a severe manly whipping. A good technique is to have the man laying on swing it over his head twice and then with a flick of the wrist lay the 3rd one across your back. 2 dozen will seem like 50.

    You have an outstanding back and set o' lats, there's some real beef there. You are totally man enough for 50 of the best, no mercy, no quarter given, but you have to take every one. No need to hurry, prolong the punishment. He laid them on well, some of them I could just feel. You have proved yourself a real man under the lash.
    Altho I am opposee to flogging of miitary men in training, this 2 dozen convinces me CP in the brig would be good and needed as in any prison setting. Severe whipping is what we male animals need.

  8. Yo, Mike - Severe whipping is what we male animals need? Have you ever checked out the Hard-Master web site? It sucks because you have to pay to get in, but man, if you wanna see severe. There are no freakin' safe words. Talk about brut force. He lays on the whip till there's blood on the guys back, and then whips him some more.

  9. I saw your vid, and i knew that i just had to try it. So i got a friend, who tied me up, and then we cut a belt into thin strips, dipped it in water and gave me 30 of the best, man it hurt but i will definately do again!

  10. Ammusing to read Richie brag about his pain tolerance, Not sure how we'd square up but I guess I'm tougher than the average 23yo. lol.

  11. Toughpaul - Hah, I may brag about other stuff that might or might not be true, but dude, the pain tolerance, it ain't no joke. Oh, by the way, amusing only has one 'm', ten freakin' lashes man. You UK people really oughta learn how to speak and spell English, lol.

  12. Oh my, if we could get our backs whipped just by making typos.....

    Oddly enough, there was a college which Rudyard Kipling went to (and was partly alluded to when he wrote "Stalky & Co") - it was called the United Services College at Westward Ho! in Devon (UK). The odd part was that this college would use the cane across a youths upper back - and not his behind if he was flunking off his studies etc.

    I would never have been out of the Beak's office. :)

  13. Its a really great video. You set an example to all who get their backs flogged. Counting the strokes out was a great idea and the slow motion at the end was terrific. I too am looking forward to the next one!.


  14. Realmente muy buen video. Muy logrado.
    Me gustaría estar del lado receptor del látigo y por supuesto espero ver mas!

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