Thursday, December 30, 2010


The first video we uploaded to YouTube, “Shirtless Muscle Dude Gets Whipped” was pulled for “violations of community standards”, just like we feared would happen (as noted in the Dec 20 post of this blog).  It was a very popular video and received a recorded 15,890 views in the 88 days it was available before being deleted on Dec 29.  It is probably just a matter of time before the other one gets censored too, but we will move forward with our plans to upload out next video, which is titled “Soldier’s Punishment: Flogging” on Saturday, Jan 1.

Since we know of the censorship issue, and have discussed it here before, I hope you will spread the word about this blog to friends that also enjoy watching and participating in the extreme challenge (or “sport”) of flogging so that we can build a community here—and share knowledge of where quality videos can be found (while they’re available).


  1. C'mon, violation of community standards? If they're going to enforce their censorship on vids like this, then there are a lot of others that should get the same treatment. Sorry, but these kind of stupid rules really piss me off. It makes me wonder if you'll even be able to post the new vid on Saturday.

  2. That video had 42 comments (all positive) and 24 "likes" with no "dislikes".

  3. I agree. There are lots of whipping punishment videos on You Tube. Also, scenes depicting the whipping of shirtless males are the one form of violence that has always been acceptable in movies, including Disney movies, and movies made during the era of the Hollywood censors.