Friday, January 21, 2011

Shirtless Backs Ache For The Lash

Have you ever seen a shirtless young man running, throwing a Frisbee, or engaged in some other physical activity, and thought to yourself, “He has a back that just aches for the lash”, or “I’d like to see him writhing at the end of a whip”, or “I wonder how many lashes his back could take before he screams”?

Whenever I see a shirtless young man, my mind instantly goes to how he would look being whipped—and how he would take it.  Like OKLASH said in his comment to the Jan 12 post, “The ancients observed that a muscled male back was built for the whip…”, and the back of a fit young man simply cries out for welts from well-applied leather.  Young men cannot resist the desire to test themselves—that’s why so many play sports.  What drives them isn’t just competition with other men; it’s an internal desire to push themselves beyond their established limits—to create new higher ones.  Which is why they are perfectly suited for the whip.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have seen the WhippingDudes videos I have posted to YouTube.  That means you have watched me, Buddy Olive:  Seized up and shirtless, writhing under the lash.  When I review those videos, I keep thinking about how to make my body better for the next session—I want to make the most visually appealing videos I can while pushing my own limits of pain and fear endurance.  My desire to show my audience a fit and muscular man taking the whip is what keeps me motivated to workout at the gym.  I still have a long way to go to satisfy myself in that regard, but I don’t think I will ever really be satisfied—which is a good thing.

For the most part, I have been disappointed with the flogging videos I can find—when I can find one.  The back-only flogging videos I have found all contain nudity or feature a fat dude (naked), tied up and being whipped by some sad dominatrix.  Not exactly an image to summon up the blood.  The notable exception is the “Chained Muscle” series, especially their “Corporal Punishment” DVD.  Muscular and/or lean-athletic backs are exactly what I want to see take the whip—and those videos did provide that, but I always thought that the men took it too passively.  Sure, I like to watch a man endue his punishment, but there didn’t seem to be too much “action”, by which I mean the videos didn’t provide a sense of dreaded anticipation in the prisoner—it’s almost like they took it with a resigned sigh instead of a genuine scream.

When I set out to film my floggings, I wanted to create something that people would watch again and again, finding pleasure in the variety in the different clips (different whips, different number of lashes, different setting, etc), and gaining an appreciation for the willful and authentic suffering of a man who strips off his shirt to endure the test of the lash.


  1. Where I live, we have shirtless-friendly weather at least 9 months of the year. I see the same guys, think the same things: size them up: how would I bind them, what whip would I use, how would they take it? Would they surprise themselves, surprise me? Can they gut it out? Will they be proud of their stripes?

  2. What are your thoughts on how to properly tie a prisoner up for the sentenced whipping?.. And on what type of post, pole , Tstructure. stocks ? I once saw a drawing in the old Drummer Magazine, that depicted a well muscled man, legs spread wide, ankles tightly attached to metal islets set in the concrete floor, arms stretched high above his head by a pulley device from a sturdy hook in the ceiling, being whipped by 2 prison guards, both shirtless, with leather belts or straps. I thought about the dread in the prisoner's mind as he was being bound in such a way, and slowly stretched till just his toes were grounded. This position would increase the level of punishment, and allow for more wraps to be applied. I would like the room to be hot, to increase the sweating and the natural scents of men at work.

  3. Your videos are the best back whipping videos I have viewed in years. The primary appeal is the reality of the whipping. So often videos with whipping appear staged, with no real lashes being given. It is obvious through the videos that the lashes are truly painful. The lash marks your back displays at the end of the videos are something I would wear with pride.
    Keep up great video work.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Gary.

    Megadeath, I am composing a post in answer to your question about the best way to tie a man for punishment. There's a lot to be said about that, so it will probably take a few entries to really get the conversation going.

    I appreciate all of the comments--both here on the blog, on the YouTube channel, and in private emails. Keep them coming!

  5. Congratulations to Buddy Olive for this blog, I discovered it from the Whipping Dudes
    U-Tube page. I have read all the posts & comments & feel its time I contributed myself.

    Firstly, my name is Paul Lajos, I'm a 23yo fitness instructor & sports-coach living in
    northern UK. I identify with so much that has been written here.

    From a young age I was a sporty lad who was excited by physical challenges of various sorts.

    I had been brought up for the first few years of my life in rural Hungary where it was a
    family tradition to keep fit, exercise, run, work out & take daily cold baths & swim in icy lakes & rivers all year. My father gentley encouraged me to join him from about the age of
    five & in truth I liked it - I guess I just liked the feeling of being tough.

    By 8-9 yo I was used to the cold baths & icy swims & I began to get curious about other
    forms of toughness - in particular about my responses to pain. I made up my mind to try to
    train myself not to cry or react if I hurt myself. I guess it was a pride thing really, but it never occoured to me at that time to deliberatly inflict pain on myself - that seemed just wierd!

    That all changed when I was 10yo when I first read about the Spartans in a book @ school. I
    was fascinated by a description of the "Diamastigosis" - a whipping ritual where young lads were whipped as a test of endurance & courage. They were expected to take the whipping silently & without disgracing themselves by crying out or flinching. Now that I had discoved that people actually used pain as a deliberate method of toughening & endurance, I decided at that moment that one day I wanted to take a proper Spartan whipping.

    As a 10yo lad @ school it was not easy to find a buddy with whom to share this hobby, and it
    was not till I was 14yo that my best mate (Philip) & I started to experement!

    I shan't go into the details of those early days right now, but I'll say that Phil & I are still buddies & together with a couple of other guys we practace whipping & other pain
    endurance games from time to time. - I'll explane more in the next posting.....

  6. Sorry to have jumped the gun on my comment. I do enjoy you a the leader of the general conversations. I'll make any future comments germane to the subject presented.

  7. No problem at all, Megadeath. I think your comment was appropriate to the post because it dealt with how to seize a man up--a very important topic. You gave me the perfect opening to start that series of entries.

  8. OKLASH, totally envious, man. 9 months of shirtless dudes running around, way cool. I don't think there is anyone associated with this fetish that hasn't looked at some young punk and wondered the same things you have.

    I'd never have to wonder what kind of whip I'd use on them, for me, there is only one, and that's the bullwhip, or any variation of it, like a snake whip, single tail, or signal whip only because in my estimation it really tests a guys endurance.

    Buddy - Good luck trying to find a vid that knocks your socks off, dude. I got lucky, although it cost me, I found one that gets my blood pumping. As a matter of fact, I even chatted online with the guy who's in the vid. Really an amazing, tuff individual. He's been whipped so many times that his back is almost like leather.

    Glad to see that finally more guys have decided to contribute to this blog.

  9. I agree with much of what has been written on this blog. As I mentioned yesterday I first became curious about toughening myself against cold & pain at a young age, I'd been used to cold baths & ice swimming already and from about 10yo the thought of being whipped, like the Spartan lads excited me no end.

    It wasn't till I was about 14 that I met a lad (Phil) I could experement with. We started with fairly mild stuff - leather belts, light canes, slippers, - usually over arse or upper back. Neither of us wanted to cut the skin or leave marks so we were very careful.

    The sharing of pain certainly excited us both. It was something about getting through it, being tough & macho, not crying out or flinching that made us proud of ourselves & each other. Pride & mutual respect certainly, but then there was another powerful emotion, the trust, the sharing, the love - was almost overwhelming. The feeling of willingly giving & taking pain FOR EACH OTHER was so amazing & bonding. Your best mate letting U cane his arse, enduring pain for you - then you letting him cane yours, enduring pain for him, results (IMHO) in a very deep love.

    Much like Buddy Olive says, we both saw it as a test of manhood, a trial, an initiation, a form of self mastery & endurance training. We tried to gradually built up our endurance over a couple of years - having a session 2-3 times a year. But unlike Buddy, for us there was a sexual element to it as well. We did our sessions in the nude, the anticipation always made us both horny (though the actual pain didn't), and mutul masterbation afterwards bonded us further.

    Here I must add that I began to get a little confused about my sexuality. We both seemed straight. We were both very sporty (rugby, soccar, running etc) we liked to look @ girly mags & fancied girls @ our school, but Phil & I did develop a very deep love over those two years. Over the years since, I've come to the conclusion that I'm bi (prob' about 80% straight & 20% gay). Nevertheless, though I tend to fancy women mostly, pain endurance games are something I share with men and for me, it is a sexual experience.

    Paul Lajos -- I'll write more soon
    Question to Buddy..... Have U any plans to swap roles with your punisher?

  10. Thank you for the great comment, Toughpaul. I had been avoiding the topic of sexuality because I was afraid that it would turn too many people away, but I see that it really is an aspect of flogging that can't be avoided. So I am preparing a blogpost addressing it (to be published soon). So thanks again for making this a topic of discussion. In answer to your question of whether or not I will be trading places with my Punisher, the answer is no. My Punisher doesn't like to be on the receiving end and is only willing to inflict it (which actually took quite a bit of convincing to do in front of a camera).

  11. You mentioned the Chained Muscles series in the first post. I've only found about 5 15-minute clips so far. I don't really find the Corporal Punishment one that much of a turn-on personally. The only guy I really like is the one with the tattoos on his arms. The others either don't react much or when they do, it's half-hearted. And the attitude is more like, 'ok, let's just get this over. Oh look, there's a camera.'

    BUT, the ones that have THE BEST floggings are the Pow in Pain, and the Commando Torture ones. (both clips can be found on Facebook, type in Chained Heroes into the search and it'll come up). The POW one is more along the lines of enduring, as the prisoner is already broken down so much. On the other hand, the Commando is in obvious pain and reacts violently with some great vocalizations. It's one of the best filmed whippings I've ever personally seen.

  12. Kind of a weird thing, but it fits in with the seeing someone shirtless and thinking about them seized up. Saw someone today that looked just like you do in the videos, least from the back lol. Identical build and hair color. Guess everyone has a twin in the world somewhere!

  13. You should have run up to him and asked him if he'd like to taste the lash. LOL

  14. He was walking out of a restaurant with his girl, and since I am would have been slightly awkward. But I was thinking it!