Friday, February 4, 2011

People Don’t Know They Like To Watch Flogging

Our latest poll, “Strip It Off Or Rip It Off?”, is creating a lot of excitement on the blog (if we can measure excitement by the number of reader comments).  I’d like to thank everyone who has felt the need to make comments—audience participation is an important part of this blog.  All of the enthusiasm for the topic of how a man removes his shirt before flogging got me to thinking about what a friend said to me a few weeks ago.  After reading the blog, he said “you’re doing a public service”.

People don’t always know what they don’t know.  I think flogging as entertainment is one of those things:  Many people like it but don’t realize they like it. Most people don’t experience the intense rush that many of us on this blog get when we watch a man endure punishment.  We knew from a young age that watching floggings got our blood flowing, but for most people the pleasure of watching is created with the scene itself and becomes a passing fancy.  Like the scene where Casper Van Dien is flogged in “Starship Troopers”—they enjoy it during the scene, but forget it once the scene has changed away from a shirtless young man taking the lash on his bare back.

But that just means they don’t understand that flogging is a spectator sport.  They therefore need to be introduced to the idea of watching it for the pleasure of it:  The athleticism of the participants and the physical and mental endurance it requires.

So, I ask everyone to forward the URL for this blog to at least five friends to do your part in this public service.  We need to raise awareness and build the community so that more people will get involved by participating in this blog—maybe some will start filming their own floggings and uploading them to YouTube for all of us to enjoy.


  1. Exactly. When Zia introduced public floggings in Pakistan in the late 1970's, this was enormously popular as a spectator sport, and huge crowds would turn out to watch these men getting whipped, and cheer on each lash! Interestingly, many of the floggings were administered for sex crimes (rape, patronizing prostitutes, etc.) And in Delaware in the early 20th century, people would come from miles around to see convicts whipped on the bare back with the "cat".

  2. A few years back, some radio station here, talked, my guess is they probably paid some dude to be whipped in public. About fifty people showed up including me. What a joke. Some freakin' dominatrix dressed up in a frilly french maid out fit hit the guy with a riding crop across the ass ten times. The crowd booed.

  3. Probably because the crowd wanted to watch a man endure a real punishment-quality flogging on his back, eh, Richie?

  4. I think that under an administrative order for whipping, the miscreant would be marched, pushed, or dragged to the whipping post already shirtless. The order to "Strip!!", would have been given in a holding cell by one of the floggers. This would increase the fear in the man knowing what soon would be applied to his naked back. I also think the punished should be barefooted , to make easier his tight attachment to the post or frame.

  5. Hey WhippingDudes

    Saw your videos on YouTube. Way to take it, man! I’m impressed. You said 50 lashes next time - can’t wait to watch that!

    Regarding the shirt thing: I would like to see the “victim” brought in sweating with his shirt ripped and maybe a few bruises - he has obviously been mistreated by his “guards.” Then he is tied up and, like RICHIE suggested, takes the first 5 with his shirt on, THEN the flogger rips his shirt off and continues the whipping on his bare back.

    Anybody like that idea?

    PS - I sent an email asking for the URL of the site where I can see you take it with the prison strap.
    No answer.

  6. Sorry for the delay in answering the email. I only check that account about once a week.

  7. Whether the shirt is removed voluntarily, ripped off, or partially whipped off, it's really cool to have the whipper run the whip, no matter what kind, across the guys bare back letting him get the feel of it, or even stare the guy down running the whip over his chest or under his chin gaging his reaction to what is about to happen. Awesome.