Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Poll: Strip It Off or Rip It Off?

We have posted a new poll!  Many people have said that the dramatic element of shirt-removal is an important part of a flogging scene.  Which do you prefer?  Do you want to watch a man obediently remove his own shirt before submitting to a flogging, or should the shirt be ripped off his back after he’s tied up?  Cast your vote!

(The results of the previous poll have been moved to the bottom of the page, so you can see the results below).


  1. OMG! The only thing hotter than Stripping it Off is having it Ripped Off. The only thing hotter than having it Ripped Off is Striping it Off. Have to practice each 50 or so times to figure this one out.

  2. I see by the vote I am in the minority on this. I will square my shoulders and take a good whipping like a man, I hope, but give me the order and I will strip to the waist, chest out shoulders squared. Don't rip it off me. If you try I may have to coldcock you with a fist and earn extra lashes. Hurt me, flog me, but respect my manhood and dignity by letting me remove my own shirt. I am trained and good at following orders and will strip to the skin for punishment before you can blink.

  3. For me ripping off the shirt is a symbol of the lack of control for the man receiving the whipping. It is like a shanghaied sailor from early 19th century America receiving the lash for refusing to work for his new 'employer'. However, I see Mike's point. By taking off the shirt when ordered, however unjustly, to receive the whipping, the shanghaied sailor accepts the lashes with dignity. In fact there were sailors and military in the 19th century who would proudly show the scars from lashings as a sign of manhood.


    1. Agreed...I have whipped and been whipped, and have experienced both the voluntary offering of the body to the LASH and the involuntary stripping at the hands of WHIPMASTERS! There is a pride in making the body ready for your ordeal, especially if you've practiced fully naked WHIPPING like in the Inquisition or in the more extreme British and Australian punishment scenes where the man was completely NAKED for his ads to both the pride and humiliation of the LASH!...and the stripes afterwards......beautiful....

  4. OKLASH - Striping it off, like having the whip do it, or at least start it before the shirt is ripped off, way cool.

  5. Regarding the shirt thing: I would like to see the “victim” brought in sweating with his shirt ripped and maybe a few bruises - he has obviously been mistreated by his “guards.” Then he is tied up and, like RICHIE suggested, takes the first 5 with his shirt on, THEN the flogger rips his shirt off and continues the whipping on his bare back.

    Anybody like that idea?

  6. If we are speaking of military punishment, one of the objectives is to require submission to authority. The prisoner having to remove his own shirt is part of that. If he refuses, it will be done for him, but there will be a price to pay, in terms of additional punishment.

  7. It depends on the scene, I think. Personally, not much I like better than seeing the shirt ripped off. (POTC Dead Man's Chest for example)

    BUT, that being said, if it's a military type punishment scene, it's fine for the man to remove his own shirt. Chained Muscle has one vid on Youtube still of just men being flogged. At least 1 removes his shirt right on camera, and it looks awesome.

    And for the record, I would LOVE to see what dlee said, a little of both. I've seen a couple scenes where the shirt is left on for the first few, and there's not much reaction from the prisoner. But then when the shirt comes off, the outbursts start.
    Also maybe a scene where the shirt is ripped to shreds by the whip, then torn off the rest of the way.

  8. The second time our dad agreed to flogging my brothers Kyle and Owen, and me, out with our bullwhip we decided he should tear our t-shirts off with some powerful lashes; turned out it was easier said than done, it took him at least ten lashes to our backs and fronts until our t's were all in pieces and off our bodies, even though he had meted out full-strength no-mercy lashes. Well, after we were finally bare-chested, the real flogging segment started, and getting hit by your own dad is a very special treat. After he was done with his three sons, he requested the experience for himself asking each of us to mete out a combined total of two dozen lashes to his back and six-pack. It's the best bonding experience imaginable between a dad and his sons, and we all appreciate the three times we were participating. Afterwards we got out of our muay thai pants, took a cold shower and rushed indoors, with our four boners standing tall at full mast, to mount our respective wives/girlfriends; what a first-class treat. Now we always start a flogging session bare-chested/bare-feet, wearing just our muay thai pants. But tearing off a t-shirt with our bullwhip was fun, too, we just don't do it anymore.

  9. Lukas, Firstly I envy your relationship with your dad. You must be very close to be able to share in a pain bonding experience like that (In contrast to the usual dad/son punishment thing). I'm curious who first raised the subject & how.

    You say it was a special treat, It would be great if U could write more about your whipping sessions with your bro's & your whole attitude to fitness, working out & pain endurance in general.

  10. Well, our dad is in the military (U.S. Air Force) and he used to spank his three boys whenever he found a plausible excuse, lol, and, as he claimed, to toughen us up! As soon as his youngest (Kyle) turned 18, it was about time to turn the table. We asked whether we could flog him for once, or whether he'd rather chicken out, so he practically had no choice, lol, and he said he was game.
    That's all I have to say for now; I had a pacemaker implanted almost a month ago, so flogging segments are out of the picture for now, and I honestly don't want to think about it right now; hope you understand. Lukas

  11. Luke, a bullwhip ripping off a T-shirt must leave serious marks & cuts, how long do they take to heal?

    Your relationship with your Dad & bro's sounds great. My story is a little diferent. My father & Grandpops were very much into
    toughening in general. Running shirtless through the Hungarian countryside in the depths of winter was one method. Cold baths,
    showers & swimming all year round was another. Neither were used as a punishment, more as a form of fitness training.

    My Dad prefered to use loss of privilages (no treats, no TV etc) as a punishment. I think my Dad wanted me to grow up not being
    afraid of pain (or cold). I guess if U don't want your son to be afraid of pain, then U don't use pain as a punishment. So my Dad
    didn't use CP. He brought me up to be tough though, (with the cold water thing).

    I don't think either method is right or wrong - just two fathers with diferent ideas & methods.

    My interest in pain sort of grew out of the cold toughening stuff and developed later in my childhood -- I remember when I was about six my cousen (about 12) got his hand trapped in a door. I was so amazed that he didn't cry. I
    remember thinking how brave he was. I started trying to be brave too when I hurt myself.

    I remember when I was about eight I would sometimes get an ice cube out of the fridge & hold it tight in my hand till it melted
    (surprisingly painful if U've never tried it) I did it just to test myself.

    At 9-ish I cut my leg badly falling out of a tree & the school nurse treated the cut with iodine. I vividly remember straining to remain poker faced & trying not to react to the pain. (With reasonable sucess I think).

    Although I understood that ice baths & swimming were an OK way to toughen myself, By about age ten I had develpoped an interest (even fascination) in my relationship with pain, but it seemed werid to deliberatly hurt myself & I couldnt work out how, or what, I really wanted to achieve, or how to go about it..... Until, one day, in the school liberary, I read about the Spartan whippings. At that point it all made sense to me! I realised U could train yourself with pain just the same as with cold.

    I found it so exciting that Spartan boys, of just my age, would take a whipping in silence - I knew that I wanted to do it myself one day. Though I was 14 yo when I shared my first whipping - using a leather belt - with my best school mate.

    Like U Luke, I'm close to my dad. Nudity is not an issue between us (swimming, saunas, showers etc) We can talk man to man about most things (Our taste in women for example!) & he knows (or guesses??) about my pain endurance games with my buddies & I'm guessing that he did the same thing with his best mates when younger (although that is one subject we have never discussed).

    Luke's story of how he shared a whipping with his bro's & father rather inspires me to ask my dad about some sort of whip game
    - challenge or leather belt session. It feels to me that it could be the most wonderful father/son bonding experience possible.

    Idealy it would be a mutual two way exchange, but in some ways it dosn't have to be two way.

    Its a wierd feeling, but although I know dad is proud of me, I want him to see me in pain - taking a whipping, belting, tawse or
    something - silently & stoicly, almost as an expression of love??? Sort of FOR him if U understand.

    I dont mind if he does the whipping or just watches & I'm not botherd if he takes a whipping himself (Though I realise that the session would feel more complete if he did)

    Trouble is I've no idea how to
    raise the subject... How do I as a 23 yo son (who has never been physicaly punished by my father) go about saying to him that I'd like him to whip me, or watch me being whipped, because I want him to be proud of me???

    I mean egotistical or what!!...

    Any ideas??

    Paul Lajos

    1. I'm just curious, Paul: were you successful in convincing your dad to flog you out? Did he deliver an honest no-mercy set of lashes to your body? If yes, how was it like? Special because your dad was laying the lashes on you, or no different than done by whoever else? My dad wants to flog me out next time he's back from Korea, for the first time since I'm finally back in the game. Paul, if he hasn't done it so far, keep the pressure on because there is no better way, as an adult, to bond with your dad than subject your body to his bullwhipping - trust me: I speak from experience! Lukas

    2. Hey Lukas: You are really lucky to have such a wonderful dad. Btw, I've bought a heavy bullwhip designed for whipping of human flesh; no bleeding cuts, just nice welts. I own similar whip, only 20 cm shorter, and I took 30 judicial lashes recently. Awesome!

    3. Hi wolf, I would like to see that bullwhip you got, I have a custom made thick bullwhip with a thickly cut soft hide fall, a FANTASTIC whip!!i like to "indtroduce" him to guys who need to be spradeagled and get well marked, "endurance" guys!! floggingman a t g m ail - com

    4. In reply to Lukas, I didn't get my Dad to thrash me but another friend in Hungary did a wonderful job with great love & care. See the videos below.


  12. Wow.

    Amazing post Paul, spoken powerfully from the heart. I haven't always *quite* worked out where you were coming from in some posts - but this post was awesome both in content and clarity.

    I can identify with many parallels - you read about spartan whipping, I saw mutiny on the bounty and /then/ found spartan whipping when I installed myself in the school library trying to find out all I could. (Isn't 21st century google wonderful).

    Like yourself, never given corporal punishment at home or school - and although I am pleased in some ways, if there had been a way to "test my mettle" without having to do something wrong, I would have relished the challenge - but even then - how do you say "use this across my back for as long as you think I can take it"?

    I too am lucky that I have a great relationship with my folks (they mid sixties, I mid forties), but I think although dad at least would understand the interest, it is something I think that both he and I would find difficult to broach - sort of a "where does this conversation go"?

    In your case, you have the advantage that you are still a very young man - so still the power hierarchy of father/son is fresh in the mind.

    As you and he are open with nudity, I could think of one possible approach you could consider....

    If you visit Saunas with him, remember that some of them use the birch twigs for a gentle thwack or two - a serious workout it certainly isn't BUT it does open the possibility of some conversation perhaps.

    "feels good - but you can't get much of a swing with it to really get a deep powerful sensation"


    "I wonder who /first/ worked out that swinging that across a friends back might be a good thing to do"


    "They could run a competition - whoever could take the most gets a months free membership" - then comment that they would "need something to seperate the men from the boys though rather than a couple of twigs".

    Not sure Paul - those ideas may be of no use at all - I just think if you DO visit the Sauna with your dad and you can find one which DOES have the birch bundle and take him there - it could give a "way in" for a conversation. If he is even slightly interested in the idea of "helping you out with this", I doubt he will need much encouraging to develop the chat.

    As for him taking it, if the conversation does "pick up", I am sure you will quickly work out if he likes the idea too.

    I guess the only difference you might need to bear in mind is that he may like to go through with taking some strokes too - but your youth and perhaps keener interest may make it hard for him to "save face" and match you. Perhaps if he agreed to "put you through your paces", you could offer to give him half a dozen or so to "complete the bond" - after all you might reasonably argue he has proved himself already.

    As for egotistical - I think most guys (if they are honest) would like to prove their mettle in front of their folks one way or another, just most people wouldn't want to flare their back to the lash and EARN the right to feel proud.

    I really hope you can work something out with him. If you could, i suspect it would be one of the most powerful bonding experiences you (and he) will ever experience.

    Blue skies

  13. Mark. Thanks for your message. Sorry for the belated response from me. When you say that you haven't quite worked out where I'm coming from in previous posts, which aspect do you mean? Maybe I need to explain better.

    Yes, Dad & I are quite comfortable with nudity. Budapest, where I was brought up, is full of Russian bath houses (steam rather than sauna), and its quite common for whole families of male relations to take steam together. Fathers, sons, brothers, uncles all starkers together. I first went with my Dad at about 8yo. After we left Hungary, Dad built a sauna & plunge in the back yard and the whole family used it - including the women - so nudity is not an issue between me & my folks at all.

    Since I wrote previously I've had an idea as to a way forward. I was thinking that next time I'm at Dad's place I might "accidently" leave some reference to whipping or spanking lying around. Maybe a copy of some writing I've done on the desktpop of his PC - or a link to some mildish SM site - or even a copy of a video of me taking 50 strokes of the tawse (shot by a friend a few months ago). I don't have a video editing program on my PC, so I'm going to have to edit it someware else anyway. I could "accidently" leave a copy on Dad's desktop??

    Sometimes "accidents" can have +ve results! I just hope I'm ready for the questions when they come - LOL


  14. The idea of the brave young soldier being ordered to strip and doing it firmly and bravely submitting to his punishment is much hotter than any forced removal of a shirt. It implies a certain ceremony and respect for authority. Even in "Two Years Before the Mast", Alan Ladd voluntarily takes off his shirt as an alternate to having it forcefully removed. There is something manly about obeying an order to strip and watching a man unbutton his shirt. Antonio Banderas does this with a look of defiance in "House of Spirits", even after he has been told not to eyeball the "master". The other way works fine too, like in "Legend of a General" with Lee Majors but he was never given a choice. Nevertheless, having the culprit strip means he's ready to take the whip. He submits to his punishment with dignity.

    1. Absolutely. One of the most important parts of a formal flogging at the post, triangle or grating, is the ritual of The Strip, the removal of the shirt and the baring of backs for the hissing lash. It should be done without hesitation when ordered up "STRIP!", the shirt firmly unbuttoned or pulled off to bare, ideally, a lean, sinewy build and a hairy chest and offer a broad, muscled bare back for striping. A man should be proud, even eager to strip, peal down for his lashing. "STRIP!" Yes, make it so.. bare your back!

  15. My dad was a very tough man, he was in the marines, and he was built like a bunker. He worked out every day, including Sundays, and never backed down from a fight. Like I said, he was a very tough guy, and he raised me the same way. He was proud of being a man, a real man's man, and he did not wear a shirt at home. He was proud of his body, and used to tell me that a real man didn't wear a shirt. when i came home from school, he would tell me to strip off my shirt, too, and in the s ummer, well forget it, i just didn't wear one at all.
    My dad believed that good discipline made good men, he used the belt on me from when I was about 12 or so. when i was about 16 or so, he started using an extension cord on me, then he got an old bullwhip from a farmer. he told me to be proud of the welts on my back, that they were the mark of a real man. well every morning, during inspection, he would say son, time for more welst on that back, and he would take me out back behind the garage. there was a big tree there, he would tie me up to the tree, and whip me. usually i would get about 2 dozoen every day, but some days he would give me some more.
    When i got my girl pregnant, he was pretty mad, and told me that i needed to be punished with the cat. well he and i got into a fistfight and he knocked me down, and said he was going to seee to it personally that i took my punishment like a man, if i was man enough to knock up a girl i was man enough to be flogged for it.
    well, he sure did that, he talked to my girl's dad, and he came over the next day. the two of them took me out to the garage, and told me, strip if off, son, it's time". Well, i didn't and then her dad swung at me, and i knocked him down, then my dad knocked me down, the next thing i know is they're both holding me down and whaling the tar out of me. So, when they were done, they both took off theirs shirts, and then my dad stood over me and i stripped right off, i couldn't fight him any more.
    well, they brought my girl in to watch, my dady said, son, this is how you take your punishment, like a real man, and you're going to watch him take it, her daid said. this is what happens in the real world when people mess it up.
    my girl started crying, and saying dont do it, we made a mistake, that's all, were getting married. well, that really got her dad off, and he made her sit down.
    then they roped me up, and when they were doing it her dad kept saing, boy, for what you done to my little girl youre gong to regret it, and my dad said, son, when he gets down with you is where i'm starting.
    well i got to tell you, it was pretty bad, i've never been whipped like that, except the time we lost the homecomeing game and i fumbled the ball and the other team scored off and got a touchdown, my dady gave me 150 with his bullwhip. the next day he made me to school with no shirt so everybody saw what i'd been done like and why, they all knew anyway.
    so her dad started off and i took it but it was hard, i took it and it stung like hell, he stuffed a stick in my mouth so i wouldnt scream but i told him, hit me hard as you want, i love your daughter and were getting married, and i'm taking her away from all this you basterd.
    well that got him real mad and he wouldnt stop he just kpet going and going, and then he stopped, i counted 100 i think before he stoppped but there was some i didn't count so i guess it was more than that.
    then my daddy started it was his turn, and he was mad, i can tell you. He told me, count off son, and I had to count like they did in the corps, "ONE, SIR!" TWo SIR! and at thee end i had to thank him like he always made me say. THANK YOU SIR. she was crying real bad, i felt bad she had to watch that, but there was no way around it, they left me roped up for a while in the garage, and she left with her dad. She said that she would try to get away to see me in a couple days but I never saw her again, she and dad moved away in the middle of the night.

  16. When I was a boy and into my teens, my dad used a thick leather strap on me naked and he'd leather me until the welts were red raw. A friend through got whippings from his dad (who was in the Air Force) using extension cords, six good long lengths taped at one end to make a cat-o'-six-tails and he laid it on his bare back, stripped just to his waist. I thought that was very manly and hot and loved when he showed me his stripes, just like a seaman who had been flogged. I masturbated thinking of that and wishing my dad would make me a full cat-o'-nine-tails of electric cords and having to bare my back for proper manly floggings of dozens of lashes with it.

  17. My best buddy is a 35 yr. old half German-Greek-american...6'3, athletic, handsome, very hairy chested, who likes to "push" himself. Last summer we met some guys camping,had some drinks, and A. ended up challenging them to give him 30 lashes with a cat. What was SO hat was when A. stripped off his own shirt, flexed,and then put his arms our between the two posts of their cabin. If they had stripped it off, it would have been boring.

    1. does this German friend of yours come to Amsterdam? I think I may have met him, is his into full leather whippings, getting the back of his Polizei leather kombi lacerated?? My Mike Murphy bullwhip with the fine cut razor sharp fall does this easily on the thick soft hide. I think he wears the kombi to attract dommes to show his "preference" floggingman a t g mail . c0m

  18. In reply to Lukas, I didn't get my Dad to thrash me but another friend did a wonderful job. See the videos below.


    1. Can't find these videos.

    2. U need to cut & paste the WHOLE LINK including the little dash after the number at the end (G168- or G468-) If U miss the little dash the link won't work.