Monday, January 3, 2011

Severe But Safe

Richie referenced a website that shows severe whippings in a comment on our Jan 1 post “Two Dozen Lashes: Discussion of New Video”.  He mentioned that the site was brutal and often showed the “Prisoner” (which I prefer to use instead of “victim”) being whipped bloody.  Personally, I think that blood is a real turn off.  The idea is that it should be safe--and a beating that draws blood is never safe (for several reasons).

The rules for our videos are:

1.   No Blood.  The Punisher will stop if it looks like we are getting close to drawing blood.  We want to make sure that there is no permanent scarring (you can't guarantee that if blood is drawn): the real test is the test of pain and the bravery it takes for a man to put himself through it.  Permanent proof of the ordeal can be found in the videos, it doesn’t need to be sported on his back at the beach.

2.   No nudity.  The only skin you will see on our videos is that found on the shirtless backs of men, which cannot be considered nudity.  We have this rule because we feel that flogging is not a sexual experience—it is a challenge.  We do understand that some people derive sexual pleasure from receiving or inflicting pain—or watching it be inflicted—but that’s not what we’re about: We are in this for the challenge.

3.  Only men will be whipped.  We have discussed the reason for this rule before on the blog.  Flogging is a traditional public punishment for men.  Men need discipline and the whip often provided that.  Testing ourselves against the ordeals we know many of our forefathers endured is a way for us to understand how men have lived throughout human history.  Flogging has been an acceptable form of punishment for far longer than it has been banned—and maybe we will see it come back.  However, flogging a woman is barbaric.  Besides, as Mike noted in a comment to the Jan 1 post, “severe whipping is what we male animals need”.  We couldn't agree more.


  1. Dude - The only reason I made mention of the website was in response to Mike's comment posted yesterday, that's it. I found it purely by accident, and the free pics kind of shocked me for a couple reasons. First, it made me wonder who would allow themselves to be put through such an ordeal. Secondly, I couldn't believe that someone could tolerate that much pain. These guys were ripped, total muscle types.

    Yah, taking the whip across your bare back -IS- a challenge, and I don't want to get into a pissing match here, but if you were to take those 50 lashes with that quirt, you're going to come pretty close to breaking the skin. The guy laying the whip on your back put some force into it, as he should. So how would you handle it? You've already said that the amount of lashes agreed to would be carried out no matter what. Are you backing off that statement, man?

    Before you think I'm some kind of loon, one thing you should know about me is that I enjoy pushing people's buttons, cornering them, ya know? I can be kind of a punk at times.

  2. @Richie: I referenced your comment because it brought up the topic of blood. I wanted to get into that discussion at some point anyway, and your post gave me the perfect opening. Thanks.

    The paramount thing about the flogging is that it be safe. Enduring the pain no matter what is the intent, but taking the flogging to the point of breaking the skin is where we draw the line. We just feel that blood would detract from the overall aesthetic.

    In our method, the Punisher (or "Inflictor" if you prefer) has the discretion to decide if it should be stopped because of the danger of doing damage (i.e. breaking the skin); the "prisoner" doesn't really have a way of knowing that, since he can't see his own back. We haven't yet had to stop a flogging due to this issue, but it is one of the ground rules we have set.

    We haven't tried 50 lashes with the quirt (not even in "rehearsal"), so we just don't know what to expect, but I am confident that we won't break the skin and I am equally confident that my Punisher will not back off unless it looks like blood is close or the punishment is completed, whichever comes first.

    Personally, I just find it more fun when I know that it is safe; that way I can just relax and step forward for the challenge--and create something that people will enjoy watching as much as I enjoy filming.

  3. I thought I might have stepped over the line, and figured you'd kick my rear end out of this blog, but I'm glad to see that you didn't.

    Dude, since I opened the discussion door, so to speak, how about you telling us why or how you decided on taking up the whip across your bare back as a challenge.

  4. A severe whipping is what we male animals need. That's a pretty strong statement to lump every guy into. I agree, but it would be cool to understand the psychological reasoning behind the statement itself. Is it because violence is the only thing men truly understand and discipline? Is it because whipping is the best way to challenge their manhood? Is it because they need to be broke, like some wild bronc? Okay, I had to get a cowboy reference in there, 10 lashes. Or is it just the best way to carry out punishment for bad behavior?

    1. I agree that a whipping is what us male animals need. A good bareback whipping of 40 lashes dos any man good.

  5. Question for Richie & Buddy, about your attitude to the pain...

    1) Do U percieve a whipping as painful but *like* the actual pain & if so why?

    2) Do U *not* like the pain but get great satisfaction from bearing it stoically - ie the "I'm tough" feeling?

    3) Or U don't percieve it as pain - just a stimulating feeling with a buzz attatched?

    For my mates its #2 - in that we get off on willpower, self mastery & endurance challenges generally. If my mates & I can get through the whipping without too much reaction, that's when we get a buzz of satisfaction.


  6. Toughpaul - To borrow a phrase from one really old and now dead dude, 'there you go again'. You can't tell me that your attitude toward pain isn't a combination of all three choices. You could try, but it just wouldn't cut it. Why? Check your own answer, man.

    C'mon, man, admit it, if you didn't like pain, you wouldn't put yourself through a whipping period, I don't care how impassively you take it. And the satisfaction buzz you bring up, it's the pain that always brings you back for another session.

    For me personally, yah, the first time was like, man this is really gonna hurt, and it was more than a macho type challenge; it was, and I hate to be melodramatic about it, a demon within me that had to be exorcised. At times, that is still true today, although not as much. The buzz and obvious satisfaction, in my case, that's like old news.

  7. ToughPaul's question is a good one though I think Richie, I have pondered this exact question myself in the past - and I suspect most of us in this blog must have at least at some point in our lives, been a little puzzled as to WHY we enjoy what we do. On the face of it, it isn't exactly an obvious way to pass the time :)

    I too reckon it has to be a combination - depending on severity of the lash, the force with which it is used, the duration of the flogging and so on.

    A bit like a VERY powerful massage can cross that tenuous fine line between pleasure and pain - sometimes people will say something like it was a bit painful but a "good sort of pain".

    Only when the ante is upped significantly does it become harder and harder to process into something that is pleasurable. Ultimately it just reaches a point where the only pleasure left is the endurance test and the "pushing limits" sort of thing.

    Of course by then, you have adrenaline, endorphins and dopamine floating around your system which increases your stamina considerably and gives you quite a powerful "natural high". I guess not unlike "runners high".

    Having said that, even the first strokes when your body is "running cold", within about 1 second of the lash landing, the peak of intensity has dropped from "not pleasant white heat" to "oh wow, that works for me".

    SO I guess all three answers could apply depending on intensity, duration, force etc.

    To some degree, mental preparation I think too. Some days I really would not care to take the lash out of choice - especially if cold and wet.

    On the other hand, there are warm days when I would like nothing more. Interesting to note that sometimes if the weather was particularly grim, a naval flogging would be postponed. I suspect more so the officers do not get too drenched - but also I *think* it was regarded as not very sporting to flog a man in harsh weather.

    Does anyone think that just one or perhaps two out of the three describes their approach to the pain - or sensation - of being whipped?

    Would be interesting to compare notes from a few more folks.

  8. i want my back laid bare and severly punished hard tear it up any one man enough to torture this bare back hit me up my email address is

    1. I'm always happy to administer a hard whipping to someone who needs it. Get in touch if you want to talk more.

    2. I'm in Tucson. Got a big garage to spreadeagle you and give severe whippings for those up to taking it like a man and the fitness level to endure it.


    this is a very good whipping vid, early Hard-Master work with German guy in Koln, these guys are hard to find who WANT and need a long long long sustained flogging!!! bullwhipp @


    It sure is!!! hard to find a guy who DEMANDS a flogging like this!!!

  11. Magnificent whipping. I envy him taking that man's lashing.