Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flogging As A Challenge

Richie thought he had pushed me too far in his comment to the “Severe But Safe” post yesterday.  Not so.  We are a small enough community already without me blocking users.  This is the only place on the internet that I have found that lets like-minded people talk rationally about flogging without spiraling down into BDSM.  I want every opinion about flogging expressed.  People get very excited about this subject, and I understand why.  As point-in-fact, by expressing his concerns, Richie gave me a great opportunity to explain my position in deeper detail.  I appreciate his—and everyone’s—involvement here.

Richie also posed a question: “how about you telling us why or how you decided on taking up the whip across your bare back as a challenge.   Answer:  I have always been fascinated by flogging.  Even from my youngest memories, I remember watching the Mutiny on the Bounty flogging (the old one with Brando) and being affected by it.  I wanted to watch more!  There have been some truly outstanding flogging scenes in movies, such as “Starship Troopers” and the flogging scene in 1994’s “The Bounty”, where Liam Neeson shows what was probably the most accurate dramatic reaction to a realistically brutal flogging in the Eighteenth Century Royal Navy.  But most flogging scenes fall very short.  I know what I want to see, but I haven’t yet seen it, so I am trying to create it with my videos.

Flogging as a punishment means putting someone under the lash who is unwilling to endure it.  But we punish people by incarceration all the time—and I would say that no one wants to endure that, either.  It is easy for someone to say, “bring back flogging” (those that say that probably want it more for the entertainment value than the retributive nature of the punishment—but that’s OK since voyeurism is a very deep part of the American psyche).  But to say that, it is important to understand what the “offender” will actually endure.  I cannot yet say that I am a proponent of bringing back flogging, but with each passing personal experience with the whip, I am beginning to believe that it could go a long way to easing overcrowding (especially for petty offenses, like minor parole violations) and would be a serious deterrent if some young gang member were humiliated by being unable to take it and devolves into screaming and begging for mercy—other gang members will think twice about facing that sort of humiliation themselves.  And by ensuring no scarring, he would be deprived of the “cred” that would come from permanent stripes on his back.

I have wanted to understand not only the physical pain associated with a punishment flogging, but also the psychological aspect of it:  The fear and desperation of awaiting that next stroke—after the overwhelmingly painful one you just felt—and not being sure you can endure it.  And knowing the only way for it to end is for the last stroke to be applied to your bare skin.

In having done this, I have come to understand that flogging doesn’t just have to be used as a punishment:  For those that are willing, it can be viewed as a test of courage (or manhood, if you like).  The problem I had, until recently, was finding someone who could—and would—lay it on hard, but at the same time ensures that no damage would be done.  When I finally did, this gave me the best of both worlds:  A painful test which is worthy of being called a "flogging" and the knowledge that it would be done safely.  Once that combination had been found, I wanted to give the world something that I had always wanted myself:  to watch a brave man expose his back to the lash!

Now that I have some experience with several different instruments on my back, my personal challenge is to see how much I dare to take with the different kinds of whips—it’s a personal test that I hope is enjoyable for others to watch.  


  1. With not a lot of work for me in the winter, kinda hard to lay brick, plant trees and shrubs with eight feet of snow on the ground, I have a lot of time on my hands. The coffee gig I have is only like part time, so this blog has me sorta whipped.

    Dude, you make several points that I, and a lot of other guys can totally identify with.

    One of the most difficult things for me to get use to is having the freedom to move taken away. Having my wrists tied with my arms outstretched or overhead gets my blood pumping because I know what's coming next. It's a sensation that's hard to describe. You're right on when you talk about getting over the hard lash on your back and readying yourself for the next one.

    I googled Military Floggings and found out there is a lot of history here. One of the most surprising was the fact that the American Congress increased the number of lashes from 39 to 100 for soldiers that were court martialed during the Civil War. I didn't know they even sanctioned whipping period. I know the American Navy outlawed flogging, but I'm not sure when.

    So like, I have another question, man. Just what is it that you're looking for in a movie whipping? You mention some good flicks. The one in the old, and I mean freakin' old, Steve McQueen Nevada Smith is pretty good, even if the dude doesn't last very long under the bullwhip. I saw Eastwoods High Plains Drifter on the late movie a couple weeks ago, like I said before, I'm into cowboy stuff...don't know why. I also have this fetish for jeans which if I'm not careful, is going to bankrupt me.

    I get your personal challenge to take it with different types of whips, but my advice to you (again) watch it. The cat that was used in your first vid, well, they make several types including ones that are knotted on the end. There are also longer thonged cats with more than nine strands. The signal whip or dog quirt will really test your stamina, man. I know.

    And like you have rehearsal's? Do you also realize that this challenge will most likely be with you when you're walking on three legs? Yah, three legs. Think about it.

    Oh yah, as long as we're on the subject here, it'd be cool to have another camera angle, like a side view of you body absorbing the whip.

  2. It is very difficult to describe what I have been looking for in movie floggings, but I always knew I'd know it when I see it. That's why I started filming mine so that I could start creating my vision. Eventually, I would like to get two camera angles, one straight from the back (like we're doing now) with a 2nd angle from the side (ideally with a mirror in front of the prisoner so you could see the lash on his back and the pain on his face at the same time). I have already started shopping for a 2nd camera for that purpose.

  3. I love your videos but I would like seeing the previous moments, where the victim is senteced and strips his shirt.