Monday, December 20, 2010

Flogging Community & Censorship

Our friend Anonymous (I hope he eventually decides to create a login and post as an identifiable member of the community we’re creating here), made a comment about YouTube on our "Inflicting Punishment” post (Dec 14):  PS: Good luck keeping your YouTube channel up. The thought police recently found "newlatigazos" and deleted his account with all his single-tail whipping videos. They seem terribly inconsistent. They've had no problems with "Deakon Wicked" and "Dereckson009" who were just playing around. They have no problem with kids messing (around) with towels and belts. It's not like what you and newlatigazos filmed are outside contemporary community standards.

We couldn’t agree more.  Because of our content, we are in constant danger of being shut down—despite the fact that our videos do not depict sexuality in any form.  Just because some people find sexual pleasure in watching muscular men receive floggings, does not mean that the videos themselves contain any sexual content.  However, we cannot control what YouTube does.  It is their space and we all play by their rules (as arbitrary as they are).  Nonetheless, we will continue to make videos and post them for our viewers’ enjoyment and our own—for as long as we are able.
This raises the very real possibility that the WhippingDudes YouTube channel could either 1) have our videos pulled or 2) have the whole channel shut down.  Our goal with the channel and with this blog is to create a community where people can share their flogging experiences (both as Punished and Punisher) in writing, and as a place where people can easily access the videos of other people who like to film the test of endurance that is a real flogging (this we hoped would be accomplished by making our channel the go-to place to find others with similar tastes (i.e. through the YouTube friends we make and the channels we subscribe to)).   Because of the danger of censorship on YouTube, we need to know:  Does anyone know of a website where flogging videos like the kind we make will not be censored?

In the meantime (until we find such a website—if it exists), we strongly encourage everyone interested in flogging/whipping, to spread the word about the existence of our YouTube channel and of this blog.  If we can build a robust community interested in flogging, we can ensure that YouTube is not the final word on the discussion and viewing of flogging videos.


  1. (Any number of people can be posting as Anonymous.)

    The one way found to work is a closed blog. This host,, is one such place. Such closed blogs are limited to 100 "authors" who can post content and comments, and probably unlimited readers, whom the owner can carefully screen but who cannot comment. Blogspot allows uploading and attaching pictures (but not videos) to their blog entries. Blogspot closed blogs are not listed nor are they discoverable by search. Even if you know the URL, unless you are signed into the Google network and are an approved subscriber you cannot see any blog content. The error page doesn't even show a link to contact the owner, so it's up to you to promote it.

    Videos can be posted on services like (it comes to mind, but I think there's a similar, better service), accessible only to those who know the randomly-generated URL which can be published in the blog. They stay up for 30 days. To hold it longer, you would need to find someone who is CP-friendly who has a server with some spare some space and bandwidth, willing to pick up the videos after rapidshare et cetera have absorbed the initial popularity spike. To have real control, the owner should host the server at his home/office on a business-class internet service. By contrast, renting server time from a hosting service or even renting rack space from a hosting service for a server you own gives them the ability to yield to pressure groups and shut you down.

    I know of one such blog that operates on a closed basis, but it already has its limit of 100 authors.

    Alternatively, there's Strangely, even they have deleted whipping videos and shut down accounts. Apparently plain whipping of men clothed waist-down violates their TOS by not being X enough! Xtube also enforces the Ashcroft record-keeping rules, that is they require people posting videos to personally designate a keeper of records who maintains an office open at least 20 hours per week where inspectors can come calling and view records proving that all actors are of legal age (acceptable records would be a list of all who appear in the video and a photocopy of a driver's license, passport, or similar proof of age and identity document).

    But really, this isn't porn, and shouldn't be forced onto a porn site.

  2. I hope that each "Anonymous" contributor will login to proudly become a member of our community. We agree completely that this isn't porn and shouldn't be treated as such (the definitions that make video "porn" require certain elements, none of which are present in our videos).

  3. Likewise, I don't get these deletions. Granted, a man has to be stripped to the waist for a whipping that means anything. I don't am not interested in below the belt naked whippings. That's for kids and I wouldn't take kindly to a bare ass whipping. Men strip to the waist all the time to work, work out, fight, swim, you name it and only pussies would suspend for a real lashing.

  4. This is a great blog and the videos are very well done. I have been a whip enthusiast for years and have taken the cat and limited use of the bullwhip.
    I can easily take 50 of the cat on my back but have never experienced the full impact of the bullwhip.
    Would like to see single tail and possibly safe bullwhip floggings on your site.
    Keep up the good work and hope for no more censorship!

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