Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inflicting the Lash

We had an Anonymous user make a comment on the "Prison Strap" post of December 11.  Thank you, Anonymous, for the important point you make:  This is the problem: there seem to be many men who long to take the lash but few who want to apply it.”

It takes as much emotional stamina to lay lashes on a man’s back, as it does physical stamina to endure the pain.  Many of us would rather take the lash than deliver the blows because it is easier to endure pain oneself than to watch someone else suffer.

When you recognize this fact, you can easily understand what it takes to film the videos that we post on YouTube.  Our Shirtless Muscle Dude might be tied up, helpless against the cruel lashes striking his back, but the Punisher has to have the emotional detachment to lay them on hard enough to raise welts—and (hopefully) force out cries of pain. 

Both the Punisher and Punished must put aside their fear in order to complete a good old fashioned flogging.  It is obvious that the man under lash must face the fear of pain, but many people don’t understand that the Punisher must put aside the fear of inflicting pain, which can be much harder than the endurance of physical pain.

In bygone times of military and prison floggings, officers could order virtually any man to flog any other man.  What motivated the Punisher in those times was the fear of being seized up to endure his own punishment for disobedience:  so he would lay on the lashes with full force.  So, what can motivate a modern-day person to lay hard lashes on a man’s back?  There are clearly some sadistic people that would have no qualms about this, but I believe these are very few and would be hard to find—and very hard to trust. 

I think the key is for the Punisher to learn to balance the desire to inflict as much pain as possible without causing any real damage (i.e. no blood, no permanent scarring, etc).  This requires a form of “conscious detachment”: being unmoved by the punished man’s cries, while ensuring that the painful experience is enjoyable—and does not become one of savage, unfeeling brutality. 

For an inexperienced Punisher, it can take some time to gain confidence.  The task of the Punished will be to give advice and guidance as the Punisher learns the limits—upper and lower—of the whip being used and of his own strength in wielding it.


  1. I hadn't thought about it before but you are absolutely right. The first time I was flogged, after we were finished and we were discussing things, I was offered the other end of the cat. Even though the man who had just flogged me was fully clothed and even wearing a sweatshirt through which he would probably feel almost nothing, I couldn't bring myself to give more than a few half-hearted swings that ran out of energy before they hit.

    Maybe this gets to something else about our arrangement. He doesn't like coded safewords. Instead, if I say "stop", or anything else that means "stop", he will stop, whether it's just before the first lash lands, or just as he's about to apply the last lash of the sentence. By yielding the power to stop back to me, he can probably flog away guilt-free.

    I've thought about asking for a no-stopping sentence beyond anything I've endured yet, one designed to test my limits, one that I know I'd safe-word out of if I could. It's an exciting prospect, and I've thought of my end of the deal, but it never occurred to think about the flogger's end of the deal, and see the reluctance from his viewpoint.

    As you say, "it is easier to endure pain oneself than to watch someone else suffer." That fact has often been exploited in plot lines of novels, TV and films. Many are the story lines where the evil king, commander, or thief tortures the hero's girlfriend, sidekick, or troops under the hero's command while asking the hero for information because it's far more effective than torturing the hero directly. If it weren't a true reflection of human nature, it wouldn't be good believable fiction.

    PS: Good luck keeping your YouTube channel up. The thought police recently found "newlatigazos" and deleted his account with all his single-tail whipping videos. They seem terribly inconsistent. They've had no problems with "Deakon Wicked" and "Dereckson009" who were just playing around. They have no problem with kids messing aroung with towels and belts. It's not like what you and newlatigazos filmed are outside contemporary community standards. Back when Disney was a person, not an empire, he regularly had characters whipped in his family-oriented early Sunday evening historical dramas, with nary a raised eyebrow. Whippings in movies abounded in an era with far tougher film rating standards than today's.

  2. First off, I respect you guys who have taken the whip. Any fit man should. I was brought up with it actually.
    I would have NO hesitation lashing you hard and putting muscle into it but the ONLY reason is because I have been through it myself. You flog a man, you need to have been flogged yourself. That's earning the right. And to you guys who lay that whip on bare skin, know what your doing and also do not disrespect me by giving me a pass and going light. I want a good whipping and I will give you one too.

  3. Yo, Mike - It'd be great to hear more about how you were brought up with the whip.

  4. It is the same as fighting - boxing or mma where you have to hit the other guy hard even if he is a mate. Some guys just cannot do it, other guys have no problem.

  5. Mike sounds the kind of guy I like!!! I bet he knows alot about whips and how they are constructed, having an INTENSE discussion with another guy into whips!!! whipsadism at gmail.com

  6. Has anyone heard from newlatigazos since he was dismissed by youtube?

    Fine whipping videos, dude. tioderif@gmail.com

  7. The formerly newlatigazos posted a comment on the new video. You might be able to find him through his new user name on there.