Friday, January 9, 2015

Public Flogging

It's been quite awhile since I posted anything here.  That's because there hasn't been much to report on the flogging scene, but I have some news (coming in a later post) about what's going on for 2015.  Here's a preview:  farm labor under the lash!

Right now, though, I thought I would share some important news on the official corporal punishment aspect.  A man in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to public flogging (  For the purposes of this blog, I am not making a comment on the reasons for which he was sentenced to the lash.  I think the idea of public flogging instead of long-term incarceration would much better serve the needs of society--and actually curtail unwanted activities (I am thinking of things like drunk driving)

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I've always thought that if a person commits a certain crime, one of the alternatives to incarceration should be a judicial flogging. Numbers of lashes would be designated for each offense. Recidivists would receive an increased number of lashes or more severe whip. (Hell, I might get deliberate parking tickets and just "forget" to pay.)

  2. WhippingDudes – Forced Farm Labor
    As a fit male interested in hypermasculinity, and this blog and possible event (forced farm labor) has my attention. In reality, this is most guys dream… to either be strong and tough enough to control and dominate other males, and/or be strong and tough enough to take being controlled and dominated by other males... Below are some of my interests that if this even happens, I would like to see and experience.

    - soap, antiperspirant, deodorant, shirts and most clothing (males should act, look, be displayed, sweat, and smell like males should).

    - females and effeminate males (this should be a macho masculine atmosphere where males can be the way REAL males were made to be)

    - An atmosphere of all things macho masculine…

    - minimal clothing (jockstraps at most?) to display the manslave physique yet provide some mystery.

    - locked in chains 24/7 like manslaves should be (chain gangs, chained to wagons, chained to plows, chained to “bed”, chained to other manslaves, chained to crosses, chained to racks, chained to whipping frames/posts, etc…),

    - punishment/“torture” – feeling lashes of floggers or whips as a reminder of the situation, provide motivation, and promote macho atmosphere of “suffering” the forced hard labor males were made for.
    - racks and crosses – to provide other forms of male display, humiliation, and suffering.

    There is nothing more macho and masculine than males dominating other males for forced hard labor, entertainment, and punishment. Are you tough enough and strong enough of a male to either dominate, or be dominated by, another male? Can you handle things physically and mentally, dominating or being dominated by, another male. “Suffering” forced hardcore physical labor, feeling the pain of lashes you fear yet crave, to be displayed and locked 24/7 in chains (I can only hope this becomes an option for this potential forced farm labor event)? Stay tuned to this blog to see you can attend, or help set this up.