Thursday, August 9, 2012


Though this is not intrinsically a bare back whipping story, I put it forward as a viable step
in the start of full bare back single tail whipping "introduction" for guys who are relatively
new to the lash., or even guys into serious whippings as a "starter".
I have a friend who is CRAZY for the lash, over full bikers leather kombi, a real tough guy,
police academy diver, sportsman, into "extreme sports" - we have built up a very good whip
relationship for him having the back of his Polizei leather motorcop kombi lacerated with my
Mike Murphy bullwhip, this is a whip with a razor sharp finely cut fall, which would cut easily
even on light strokes across a guys back, I use this whip with him when he is spreadeagled and
give FAST strokes across his back, as he arches his back out for each stroke, the thick soft hide
of the Harro made German Polizei kombi's is a very thick soft hide, as it is stretched across his
back the stroke of the whip will leave narrow scars across the leather, I use different whips
with thickly cut hide falls to "wrap" him as he is loosely spreadeagled and work around him to
make the whip SNAP around his back and "heighten" the session.
Full leather whippings are gaining popularity with guys into full leathers/uniform, a very hot
vid. called "Leather & law" (download link available if you email me) has a HOT leather whipping
at the end of this fetish leathermens film

My friend into this type of whipping also wears the lacerated leather Polizei kombi as a subliminal
sign to show his "preference" when he is in specialized SM clubs, a session like this can last a long
long long time and gets VERY INTENSE, leaving weals across a guys back but not actually lacerating
him, the full amount of strokes can literally run into 300++++
Since getting into this scene, I have heard of guys who look for 2nd hand one piece/zipped together
leather bikers kombi's especially for a whipping session, even looking for kombi's that have plain black
back/legs that can be scored and lacerated with a sharp whip.

Any other guys here into this kind of session?? floggingman @ gmail d0t c0m


  1. Hello Sir,
    I constantly search Master. I love real meetings, I to want only real
    Master whip. To me has bothered virtual guys. I to want only a real whip
    my body. Here my photos, I went recently to Russian Master, what it a
    whip my body, and had small training of the slave. To me have very much
    liked torture, and to me has liked whips Master. Here the photo is a
    little photo of that that Russian Master did with me. I have small video
    where me Russian Master whip my back, it only warmed up my back for
    stronger a back whip. It has given second video to me for preservation
    on my computer, there it is visible mine Master.4
    slave dimaboy

  2. Hello Sir
    I am looking for a sadist Master. My name is Dima and I am a gay maso. I live in Bishkek in the former Soviet country of Kyrgyzstan. I am 24 years old, 5 ' 11 "in height, and weigh 165 pounds. I speak Russian and English, and German

    I would like to become a slave, to be tortured, whipped, spanked and kept in bondage. I am free to travel to the right Master.

    My ideal Master will be a true sadist. A Master who will seek to hurt me through beatings, torture, whippings and bondage. For that Man, I will be a slave forever. I Master will do the big muscles on my body and to force to carry out тяжолую work, thus what my body to become very brawny.

    My limits: there is no what blood, a mutilation, crises of bones, sex only with a condom (safe sex)
    My mail