Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Laying On The Lashes

We have had several comments touching on the other side of the flogging coin:  How the “Inflictor” feels while doing it.  Some people have noted here and on the WhippingDudes YouTube channel comments that it is hard to find someone who is willing to put leather to flesh.  Based on these comments, it is easy to conclude that there are more people willing—and desiring—to expose their backs to the lash than there are people willing to strike the blows.  Why is that?

Richie has challenged the readers of this blog to begin that discussion.  At first, I thought a poll would be a good place to start, but it is hard to formulate a poll without a better understanding of what goes through a person’s mind while they are whipping a man’s bare back.

It is easy to understand the physical challenge of endurance flogging from the receiving end, but what about the emotional endurance of the Inflictor who is creating the pain?  Most people would rather feel pain themselves than watch someone else suffer, which makes it hard for them to willingly inflict it.  So, obviously, both sides have to man-up for the session:  Both have to be physically and emotionally prepared for the ordeal. 

It is possible that a Prisoner can react violently and genuinely hate the flogging, and indicate that through his grunts and screams, but that doesn’t mean the session should end before the punishment is complete (otherwise why do it at all?).  This is where the challenge for the Inflictor comes in:  He must remain unmoved and merciless in the application of the whip; he must lay each and every lash on with full force, regardless of how the Prisoner reacts.  What goes through an Inflictor’s mind when he sees a bare back, welted and sweating from dozens of hard lashes, needing dozens more to complete the punishment?

If the Prisoner is brave enough to step up for a flogging, the Inflictor has to be brave enough to see it through to the end.  Does it take a stronger will to inflict the punishment than it does to endure it?  How does a man find the will to flog another man? Would an Inflictor exposing his own back to the lash help him to understand what is needed, or would that just make it harder for him to lay it on another man’s helpless back?  


  1. I've had experience in historical reenactments, both wielding and receiving the whip (mostly the former). While it's certainly more painful to get a whipping, it's also more satisfying, for a couple reasons. The whipper doesn't get any physical sensation (other than a workout for his arm). But the feeling of a knotted cat-o'-nine-tails coming down on my back was probably the most intense thing I've ever felt. My excitement in wielding the whip is mostly the feeling of power as I watch the man writhing and squirming, and sometimes hear him scream. But the paradox is that in any "safe and sane" reenactment it's actually the whippee who is in control. He sets the limits, has a safe word, etc. I'd certainly get a good deal more satisfaction out of an actual judicial flogging, being employed by a goverment to whip someone who was NOT in final control. But that's just going to be a fantasy, alas.

  2. I agree with Brendan that the type of whippings we would receive, i.e. historical reenactments, that the person receiving the whipping is the one in ultimate control. The only people now who would really know what the giving of a judicial whipping must feel are those around the world where judicial whipping is still used.

    I would think that a special person would be needed to give those whippings. Like the individuals in America who administer the death penalty, these individuals would need to believe firmly that whipping and the infliction of pain and lash marks is essential for the preservation of an orderly society. They would need to believe that the person receiving the whipping deserves this pain and the whipper has no responsibility except to carry out the sentence. Only that was could the natural inclination of not inflicting bodily harm which most of us have could be overcome.


  3. Brendan, did they actually flog you in public in those historical re-enactments? How many lashes? We need to know! ;)

  4. Brendan makes an excellent point about the recipient being in control at the end of the day. The paradox can sometimes interfere somewhat with the situation for people on both ends of the lash.

    One option which can work for some is a phrase "consentual non-consent". In other words, a pre-agreed, negotiated, totally CONSENTING "deal" is struck where it is expressly understood on both sides that consent *IS* given irresepctive of what is said at the time under the bit of the lash.

    Often a "rider" exists that "if blood is drawn" or "for a maximum of 15 mintues" etc then it all stops - but a sane / responsible whipper will rarely need that limit anyway.

    Other than that a safety rider though, consent HAS been given to ignore the "oooh stop, it stings".

    CNC only works if you can trust one another - but if you can, it does change the mindset quite a lot.

    It can work well for people who have learned to trust one another.

  5. >did they actually flog you in public in those historical re-enactments?

    These were not public re-enactments, but private sessions with other men interested in recreating the experience of what a judicial flogging would have been like, with emphasis on Britain in the early 20th century. We used knotted cats on the bare back, protecting the kidneys and neck with folded towels.

    I only got one lash with this instrument, and even that was not full strength. But the pain was absolutely savage! It's simply hair-raising to imagine getting 36 lashes (a typical sentence for rape or armed robbery), laid on by a heavily-muscled guard with every ounce of his strength. And yet men endured this. Contemporary newspaper accounts even reported some taking it impassively, in silence, though most would be screaming uncontrollably.

  6. But taking something that severe impassively, in silence - what a challenge!

  7. In a military setting, 2 Marine Lance Corporals, stripped to the waist would be appropriate inflictors of the punishment ordered by Courts Martial. Just by their youth and fearlessness,I think they would have no problem laying on the lashes with a fierce will. Volunteers would not be hard to find. They would be stationed at a special Punishment Barracks, for 3 month periods only .. They would also monitor and prepare the convicted for their floggings.

  8. Only once (so far) did I get the courage to talk to a dude about this whipping fetish. This guy can really put a bullwhip through it's paces. I asked him if he'd ever used it on a guy, and was kinda surprised when he said yes, like three times.

    He told me that he's no longer into it, because he became emotionally involved. That sort of puzzled me, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. What Brendan said about the whip giving him a sense of power, is exactly what this guy told me, but in his case, he let it control him.

    When I asked him to explain it, he said that feeling of power was overwhelming, yet, totally satisfying at the same time. He told me that he determined how the whipping was going to take place by the expression on the man's face, meaning that it would either be a long drawn out session or a rapid one.

    If the guy to be whipped had a smug, I dare ya kind of demeanor, he'd really drag it out. If the guy to be whipped was fearful, then he got it over really quick like. But unlike what others have said here, he controlled the situation, not the dude being whipped.

  9. Sorry, pressed the post comment button by mistake.

    Like most postings here, he told me that the number of lashes agreed to was carried out no matter what. And then he added, that if the guy getting whipped was in distress, he'd ease up on the whip being applied. And just the opposite if the guy with the smart ass attitude, even after the whipping ended, he would not release him right away, he'd continue the punishment by letting him absorb all he learned. Awesome.

    It's this type of psychological explanation that I'd hoped others would elaborate on, and perhaps some others will.

  10. I can't think of a time I have used the whip across a guy's back who couldn't take it. Most of the guys you can some grunts and stifled expressions of pain. But I can't inflict a lashing I can't take myself, I wouldn't feel right about that. The most stoic guys will get it even harder from me in the attempt to get a reaction. As Richie said, I smartass cocky culprit needs special attention.
    Now, I have to admit, on the prison strap part of your first vid, I loved your reactions. I felt like a cell block captain supervising punishment and wanted to yell, WHIP HIM HARDER! I felt power and dominance just watching it--so you see I'm looking out for you--prisoner's got to get a good flogging and learn his lesson.

    Megadeath, two barechested LCpls in that situation would compete with each other to see which one can make the lashee break his bearing first and cry out in pain--they will lay on with a will ;) esp across the back of an S/NCO.

  11. Mike, is it supposed to be a contest of which LCpl can take more so the winner gets to whip the NCO? That would be a contest worth participating in. Gotta say that my reactions under the whip are similar to the whippee in the whippingdudes vids. I kinda grunt like our shirtless hero; makes me sort of proud to have good company.

  12. However, Mike, seeing a Lance Corporal take the whip from two shirtless S/NCOs, would be a session I would pay to see .. Say twenty five each, from port and starboard, in the Brig cellar, strapped to the whipping frame. Local members of the neighboring towns are invited to attend, for a small fee, determined by lottery. Maybe 10 or so Marines and Sailors are whipped by order of Judicial Punishment per 6 hour session. See you there.

  13. Whew! Great images, guys! This is why I created this blog!

  14. Mike's comment about supervising a whipping, and his 'WHIP HIM HARDER' comment really stuck a chord. This image of a dude's welted back with sweat pouring off him and the guy with the whip in his hand came to mind immediately, freakin' awesome. Especially if the whipping was outdoors where every crack of the whip echo's and the grunts of the guy getting punished are clearly audible.

  15. Make that NJP, Non Judicial Punishment by order of the CO or XO. But like I said elsewhere, our men don't need the lash but in the brig anything goes, make it hurt. Lots of sweat, black whips, and.boy, watch those Lance Criminal's eyes get big as saucers and start swallowing hard when they see a big gunny and a couple of SSgts unbutton their shirts and strip to the waist showing off those brawny, hairy muscled torsos and big guns that's gonna put a lot of power behind that whip, quirt or cat. And a Corpsman standing by with an alchohol sprtizer to clean their sweat-glistening backs after the flogging.
    No half measures, Richie, if a man's going to get whipped let's make it brutal and tough, a manly ordeal with the officer in charge calling for those harder strokes of the lash,loud grunts and moans, muscles tenses and sweat matting down chest hair and pit hair and a spray of sweat flying off the back with every lash.

  16. Oorah! Semper Fi, Mike.. ! I'm there!

  17. Straight on, Mike - A dude, strung up, his back exposed. An overseer letting him know that disobedience will not be tolerated. A guy wielding the whip standing there, cracking it, impaitent, waiting to start the punishment. The overseer slaps the dude a couple times, smiling wickedly, and then gives the go ahead: WHIP HIM! The whip splits the air, the lash strikes the dude, the imprint of the fall clearly visible, the grunt wrenching moan, the dudes body sways, freakin cool, man....from the first stroke to the last, that whip should be laid on good and hard, break him. That's how a whipping should be done.

  18. Trouble is - if you want to test yourself against that kind of punishment for real and reckon you are tough enough to handle it - but you do not want permanent damage - how the hell do you recreate this safetly? The only way I have seen is for guys to dial down the severity - way down on what would happen for real - which is sensible but then does not tell you how you would handle a real flogging.

  19. We have to be realistic here and realize that there is a difference between reality and fantasy-
    Both have a place but permanent injury is never fun and believe me my fantasy is about "a real flogging" but in reality I only play safe-that doesn't mean there isn't alot pain however.
    In my story about the Mexico trip the whole scenario is about a fantasy and in reality probably wouldn't be good-
    I have taken a whipping past my limits but only to a point where it does stop-this way i can expand the limits and in reality do have some control over the scene-
    This to me is a real flogging- and is satisfying for both parties involved and is as real as it needs to be.
    Its called consenual.


  20. I guess that is one of the advantages of the cat - rope or leather - it can still cause some fairly intense sensations - but unless you apply hundreds of lashes, the simple truth is that although the back might look a mess for a week or so, permenent injury just doesn't tend to happen (scourges with bone/glass/metal excepted).

    Historical account of people dying under the cat tend to be either after many hundreds / thousands of strokes (flogging around the fleet) or when infection sets in - less than salubrious surroundings on some ships.

    Often a sailor would risk being drunk on duty if the penalty was only going to be a dozen over the back.

    Also many moons ago (1741) the Northampton (UK one) regiment earned the nickname "Steelbacks" at the battle of Talavera when it was noticed that none of the men registered any concern over being flogged at all and would display an air of boredom during their own flogging (ungrateful buggers).

    I think the bullwhip is a wonderful tool, but I think it has to be handled with some limits to avoid extreme damage. I am guessing though that even in days of old, unless an overseer wanted to kill someone with the lash, there was little point in causing such damage that their "property" was rendered unable to work to full capacity.

  21. That is an inspiring historical account, Mark. Thanks!

  22. I think of ‘real’ as what you would really get and probably ‘fantasy’ as the consensual recreation. In any case there must be a large range in recreating a flogging all the way from ‘going through the motions’ to ‘what it would be like for real’. The question I do not have an answer to is how far up that scale can you go in a recreation to maximise how authentic the pain of a flogging is, but without crossing the line on authentic damage e.g. permanent marks? For instance is it actually possible to achieve the full level of pain you would have endured when they used flogging in the armed forces, but keeping it safe and limiting the damage?

  23. In a practice session, to get my Inflictor more accustomed to the prison strap, I took three lashes overhand. They were really laid on hard. The strap won't do permanent damage and the Inflictor used full force. I can tell you from those three lashes that a flogging of 25 with a prison strap will have anyone weak in the knees. That would be a true-to-life punishment flogging.

  24. Whoa, whoa, whoa, anyone who has ever had whip laid across their back knows the freakin' difference between fantasy and reality.

    Most of the comments posted here, I'd venture to say, fall under the category of fantasy. I mean, the majority of them deal with whipping as punishment, not pleasure or as a stress reliever.

    So the "whip him harder" comment that Mike posted probably was intended to get the blood flowing. No offense Mike. And my comment's only added to what Mike laid out. Man, I'm not freakin' stupid.

    Dude, I've had welts surgically removed from my back.

    In a true punishment situation, I highly doubt that a whip (no matter what type) would not be laid on hard. It's not as though some dude strung up is there for his health. He's there because he was disobedient in some manner.

    In a fantasy situation, yah, trash-talk is part of the game, to get off on, because I truly believe most guys do. Otherwise, why put yourself through this? C'mon.

  25. "I've had welts surgically removed"?

    Yeah, this guy's real.

  26. I agree Richie that most of the blog deals with more fantasy than reality and there is nothing wrong with that- in fact, isn't most scenes dealing with any type of "fetish" (which I beleive this is) that way?
    Nothing wrong with that as it all works together-
    reality is different for each person anyway and whatver works I guess is what it should be-
    It's deffinitely individual but as for myself I am into this but not into permanent damage for myself of partners- my satisfaction is attained without that and I can still go though "unpleasantness" which is part of the scene without damage- Where is the line between the kind of unpleasantness we crave or the kind that we don't want is the question- fantasy ABOUT that is part of my scene.
    As they say different "strokes" for different folks :)


  27. AS the anonymous that set Richie off, can't say I'm much into fantasy or 'trash talk' myself. Why put yourself through all this? Dunno, why is anyone into anything? I like fighting too. Don't analise it too much, just into being able to take what a steelback could take.

    Thanks dudes for the advice about using a prison strap, maybe that's the way to go.

  28. Hey, Richie, my bruthah, what did you mean by welts being surgically removed?
    As for the fantasy aspect, I have been seriously flogged but not to blood except for a couple of bullwhip strokes. I would also say there's fantasy in the poll about the bullwhip being the most suitable across a bare back. Better and more realistic is the whip made for a man's back, the cat o nine. It is severe punishment enogu and an ordeal that takes what a man's got between his legs to nut up for. But a guy can take it.

  29. Mike - Dude, one of the worst or best (depending on how ya look at it) whippings I had was with this guy who had a whip made of rawhide shoe laces, like 72 inches long. I think there were seven or eight strings. He laid it on hard, man, drew blood just below the skin surface in several places, and left welts the size of nickels. And ya, I nut up, big time.

    Two months afterwards they were still there and they began to really bother me, it was like someone was sticking a needle in them. Frickin' hurt constantly. I thought they were infected or something so I hit the doctors office and he cut/burned them off. A couple of spots had to be stitched because they were deep in the back. To be honest, it totally freaked me out.

    I got a pic if'n ya wanna see it. Kinda old, the dude took a pic, but didn't have a digital camera. Let me know.

  30. Richie, if you want to email the pic to me, I would be happy to post it her for everyone to see. whippingdudes@yahoo.com!

  31. Guys, I've had a couple of belt whippings but been given the chance to take 12 strokes of a riding crop. I'm slightly built any tips on how to prepare would be appreciated. Cheers.

  32. Watch my videos on YouTube. There's not much to advice I can give on getting ready other than to just say "be in shape and be take is as best you can."

    BTW, I hope you film it and post it somewhere so we all can watch.

  33. Buddy- Sent the pic three days ago, dude.

  34. Sorry it took so long. I have posted them on a new page called "Flogging Pix"

  35. I dunno, Mike, never been whipped with a cat-o-nine tail whip, but lemme tell ya, those rawhide strips really did a freakin' number on my back.

    Yah, I really can't argue the point you make about the bullwhip, but there's just something about it that put's me over the freakin' edge. I suppose it's got something to do with the sound it makes when cracked, that --always-- gets me, or the connotation of control and punishment it represents. Still, when I see one coiled in someone's hand or over their shoulder, it's a turn on. To each his own, huh?

  36. Richie, I don't see an email address in your profile, and I'd like to converse privately. Please email me at my profile address. Thanks

    For Buddy and the rest of the readers, sorry for the interruption.

  37. Another difference between reality and fantasy is that, in the former, the person receiving the flogging was not in control. He was under sentence to receive a (usually predetermined) number of lashes "well laid" across his bare back, and the person administering the whipping was under orders to carry the sentence into execution. I suspect that the person doing the whipping was hardened to the process and regarded the victim as merely a piece of meat and the task as just another job that had to be done.

    For this reason, I think the scene in the 1962 version of "Mutiny on the Bounty," where Quintal tells Mills that "it's not me whippin' ya," is absolutely ludicrous.

  38. WHIPPINGS IN LEATHERS?? anyone up for getting "wrapped" whipped while wearing leather motorbikers kombi?? GREAT pretext to bared back whippings for guys into long heavy sessions, staring with spreadeagled leather floggings?? long wide supple strap across tight leathered ass?? Like to hear from guys into this!! whipsadism @ gmail.com

  39. Just reading over the comments a bit...definitely agree with some aspects.

    The only way trash-talking is acceptable is in a dungeon torture scene. The prisoner/victim is extremely defiant, so annoying your captors is a plus. Gonna earn you some major pain, but hey.
    The flip side of that is if the prisoner is broken, in which case the trash-talking comes from the captor as a psychological thing to break him down even more.

    It doesn't really fit in a military scene though. The only exception I've ever seen was a Roman flogging, and as the prisoner is released in obviously a great deal of pain, he says something to the effect of, "That's it? I was really starting to enjoy it."

    As for the Mutiny on the Bounty scene that Anonymous referred to, I think it's a different scenario entirely with Quintal and Mills. I haven't seen that movie in awhile, but I do seem to recall that they were friends, if I'm not mistaken? Slightly different than being a hardened, unfeeling Quartermaster that was used to beating men left and right.

  40. I find this forum totally fascinating. As one who has been whipped & has whipped others, male & female with their consent, the whole subject is a thrill a minute especially when you're tied up, dresses only in a leather g string waiting for the first lash.

  41. WhippingDudes, I'd recommend that you finally undergo a bullwhip flogging that includes your sixpack; imho no treatment is more rewarding and does your body as good as an all-around flogging that gives your back and your stomach the full line of hits they deserve: start slowly (ten medium-strength, the next time ten full-strength lashes to your front), and you'll soon understand what you've been missing so far. My brothers Owen and Kyle, our four buddies and I started the all-around flogging almost two years ago, and we can't think of a better way to a more complete flogging experience. Do try it one day, you'll be glad you did!
    Lukas Casey (aka Lukas Kahn).

  42. Lukas, Would this be with a whip or a belt? I'm not sure a whip to the sixpack is a good idea. How often do U do this?

  43. Toughpaul, for us it is always the bullwhip or the cat; make sure your six-pack is well conditioned, then start slowly. We used to do this once/twice a week. As for me, I had a pacemaker implanted almost a month ago, so no surfing/jogging/flogging etc. in the near future = the rest of 2011. Then we'll see.
    Good to hear from you, Toughpaul. To be honest I envy you and all the guys here who are healthy and well enough to take a good flogging any time they so choose. But there's hope for me, in 2012! Lukas

  44. Lucas Hi - My own flogging is usually with a leather belt or tawse. Hurts like hell but no blood. Not tried it much over the six pack. I aim to do so this weekend! - I'll keep U posted...

    Pacemaker? That's unusual in someone young & fit like U. I hope its not due to over-training workouts etc. I hope you R well soon. PL

  45. Hi everyone, I have not posted on here before as I have only just found this forum and am surprised to hear from so many like minded people.

    I haven't been able to explore this personally as far as I'd like, cuz I just can't find anyone man enough to lay it on (I'm female by the way) but this thread made me think back to something I saw a few years back.

    During my time as an army medic I saw a lot of freaky stuff and serious gore and I'm pretty unshockable.
    Anyway, whilst in Barracks in the south of England, one of my lads came to see me and seek my medical advice after a 'night out'.

    He didn't give me any specific info. as to the nature of his 'illness', simply whipped of his shirt with a grin on his face, obviously anticipating my reaction.

    and he nearly got one. Nearly. I mean, Seriously for a second or two I was shocked (not that I let him see it.)

    The guy looked like he had been mauled by a leopard! his upper body was really bloody and welted up with some pretty deep wounds and a lot of scratches and huge abraisions.

    He told me the woman he had spent the night with had beaten him mercilessly (at his behest)with the flex from an electric iron, minus the plug, which, he informed me was the best nights sex he had ever had.
    This lad had some pretty extream ideas of 'fun' but part of the matcho culture of the military is to view pain as a challenge and I have known soldiers take this sort of thing way to far,

    I think if flogging was reinstated as punishment in the millitary I think some of my lads would be pushing each other over to get to the frame.

  46. I don't advocate the iron flex thing by the way, it really messed up his tattoos, and the girl he was with probably has post traumatic stress disorder.

    I however am elated to have found this site, and will be a frequent lurker.

    Richie impressive, you are a true pain pig and I salute you, can't see any videos, damn youtube has removed them,

  47. New to this blog, but really gald to be joining other LASH MATES!!! I appreciate all the scenarios and ideas about the use of the WHIP.....but for me punishment is most exciting on a NAKED man....stripped fully for the witnesses and the LASH MASTER to view during the ordeal! There is both humiliation and pride in the ritual of the WHIP!!! It is extremely spiritual to me...the bonding between the LASH MASTER and the LASHED MAN...

  48. Spiritual bond between the whipper & whipee - oh yes absolutly! But I find the greatest spiritual bond between me & my whip buddy is when we are both being whipped by a third guy. Looking into each other's eyes & watching each other take the pain is awesome. The mutual feeling of love & admiration is intense. Any one else tried this?