Wednesday, December 8, 2010

True Test

I could post this response in the comments section of my December 4 post, but I thought I would bring the reader comment to everyone’s attention.  Curious One has made some strong points about how and why people offer the lash and I encourage everyone to read it.

My response is this:  Thank you, Curious One!  You make the point that people who have made some comments on our YouTube videos seeking more lashes or laid on harder (or other enhancement) probably have never seriously taken the lash.  It is easy for some people (but not the majority) to watch another person suffer and say, “Hey! Hit him harder!”  (As an aside, I actually welcome all comments—we do enjoy making the videos and the purpose other than our own enjoyment is to entertain others with them—and want to give people what they want to see—within our personal limits, of course).  What we hope comes across, though, is the courage and endurance of the man under the lash.

We have had one other person watch our sessions (the camera operator) and I didn’t even care that he was there once the lashes began raking my back.  I am more interested in showing the world how I genuinely take it—that’s why we film these.  I don’t try to hide behind fake machismo and stifle my cries for the benefit of the audience—I want them to see it for what it is.

We don’t establish a safe-word, so I have to take the number of lashes we agree upon before the session starts.  Everyone who watches it (hopefully) can tell that it is real pain from real lashes with a whip.  I take it as I take it, with little regard for the camera, knowing that nothing I say or do will stop the lashes until I have receive the required punishment.  So, if a particular lash wrenches an uncontrolled scream from me, that is OK because anyone watching is witnessing a man take a real flogging, in substantially the same manner as soldiers, sailors, and prisoners have done throughout history.

The answer to the question: “what is the appeal?” is not black-and-white.  As Curious One pointed out in his comment, he dreads being whipped, but nonetheless steps forward time and again to take it.  I feel the same way.  Of all the whips that have landed on my bare back, the one I fear the most is the prison strap (that viewers can watch me take 10 lashes with in Shirtless Muscle Dude Gets Whipped).  That heavy leather monster makes me cringe, yet it is the one I most look forward to taking—because it is my true test.  


  1. Yes, I am like you I fear the whip but step forward to be tied and to feel the full measure of my sentence. I love being watched, and heard as I scream under the lash. Like you I know that there is a preset number and I have to take them.

  2. The worst problem that I encountered after my southern Idaho experience was not the fear of the whip, but the psychological effect. I thought I was some kind of freak. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't talk to any of my friends about it.

    To this day, sometimes it really get's to me, and other times, it's like the hell with it, if it gives me pleasure, screw everyone else.

    Luckily, I have a high pain tolerance, along with a very stubborn nature. I can totally identify with you, about the type of whip that makes me cringe yet crave it. My downfall is the bullwhip. I mean, just the word itself conjures up all kinds of scenarios running through me.

    The crack of a bullwhip gets to me everytime, but finding someone who know's how to use it is a totally different story. Like I said, you can destroy a dudes back with one, or you can just flick the thong of the whip across the back and redden it. Interesting point, once the bullwhip cracks, it's harmless.

    Anyway, I'm glad I found this outlet to express my opinion's and experiences. Thanks...


  3. I am glad that you found us, too, Richie. This seems to be turning out exactly like we had hoped: an outlet for people who have a passion for the lash.

    I hope you will consider making an account and joining the discussion as an identifiable member of our community (it is hard to tell which "Anonymous" contributor is following up on his/her own comments), but if you chose not to, that's fine. I just hope you continue to be a part of this. And please spread the word.

  4. To be honest, the only way I can take a flogging is to know I have to take it and there is no "safe word". Like y'all say, its a sentence and every lash has to be taken as well as possible. The first ones are the hardest, after that something inside you kicks it in, call it the endorphins, adrenalin, or sense of your own manhood responding to an awesome masculine ordeal.

  5. Yah, Mike's right, every lash has to be taken as well as possible, but it also has to be delivered properly. If the guy weilding the whip just lays on stroke after stroke, it's pointless, like chewing gum after the flavor's gone. A good whipper will vary his strokes, lay on some real hard ones, then pause for a moment, letting his victim (if you will) absorb the pain, but not get use to it, and then come back and pick the whipping up again repeating the process until both have achieved their goal. That really didn't come out right, but you get the idea.

  6. I think the longer you draw out the judicial punishment, the better...from sentencing to cutting down from the flogging aparatus. Richie's pauses during the administration of a severe sentence of several dozen lashes is well thought out.. Punishment should take several hours from start to finish to increase the fear and desperation in the prisoner. All lashes should have equal severity .

  7. Yes a good whipping should take a long time. Strokes @ least 30 secs apart. And yes I love to watch & be watched, esp' with my best mate. Watching each other taking it stoicly is so bonding. Something about taking pain for each other that leads to the deepest friendship.

  8. Not to detract from what's already been said, but isn't it the longer you wait between, the more you can handle? Gives you some time to recover your composure before the next one?

    Or is it the longer you wait, the harder the next one would seem because you aren't used to how it feels? I've seen a little of both, so hard to make a call.

    But yes...the longer the punishment drags out, the more exhausted the prisoner would become, especially if standing in the heat for a very long time. Plus fighting against the restraints, jumping/grimacing at each lash...that's gonna take some effort.

    As to megadeath's comment about punishment taking several hours to about brutal. Not only would you have the pain, but hunger and thirst would set in eventually and you'd be a total wreck.

    I saw one documentary once about a master beating his slave, and the master actually sat down, read a newspaper and ate lunch in front of the tied up and hanging slave for about 2 hours, then calmly picked the whip back up and started all over again. Were I not so fascinated with this sort of thing, it would have almost been disturbing.

  9. WannaBet, I think the issue of the tempo of a flogging is to add a dimension of uncertainty for the prisoner. The prisoner expect pain--and gets it--but it kept off balance psychologically because of the uneven nature of the application.

    I know that there have been times when I have been flogged when I just wanted to get it over with--and fast. Those times when my inflictor took the time to change whips made it much harder to take. Not knowing when the next blow would come was worse than the pain itself. The pain is the same, but the uncertainty adds its own level of suffering.

    If the blows land one right after the other, the sentence is completed quickly, but if it's a test of endurance, a slow uneven application will test him mentally as much as the whip itself tests his back.

  10. Totally agree with what both Wannabet & WhippingDudes said, it can be very hard to try and work out the "easiest" interval - too long and it drags things out to the point that your arms ache (if above head) and you go "cold" between strokes. On the other hand, VERY rapid fire (eg: with cane across back at around 1 strike per second) can become almost unbearable - especially if in same area.

    The worst of all though I think is the erratic strokes where you get nothing for several seconds, then a few in short order - and then a fair white for another two.

    It "messes with the head more than the back" I think at that point.

    I would reckon for an "easyish to handle" whipping, then the strokes should fall about once every 8 seconds or so - 5 as a minimum and 10-12 about a maximum. I think faster than about 1 every 3 seconds in the same area can be very challenging - and a delay longer than about 10-12 seconds I think makes it hard to stay "on focus". I guess we all differ on that sort of thing.

    If you are lucky enough to have either two people at your back at once or someone able to flog accurately with both hands, then it can quite challenging not knowing if the next strike is from a leather cat or a tawse - or perhaps a crop one moment across the shoulder blades, followed by a prison strap landing "mid back" the next.

    Either way, a good flogging is an excellent way to improve definition on the back, not QUITE sure why, just know that by the time the marks have faded a few days later, the whole back is noticably firmer. Perhaps standing for a long while tensing and relaxing, flexing and releasing the muscles while they are given a very powerful "massaging" care of a cat or strap, helps to tone them up somehow?

    Sorry, I have drifted a little off-topic there.

    So back on topic, what other sorts of conditions make it a tougher test for you - there are plenty of folks viewing this blog, how about a few more making a comment or two - can be anon if you must :)

  11. Just back from the frickin' dentist, man, I'd rather be on a chain gang with some dude laying a bullwhip on my back than having that drill excavate my teeth. Anyway, even though I've never had a flogger used on me, I've seen enough of them them to know there are like different types. Some of them have really thick pieces of leather, thongs, I guess, while others have like thin pieces. And some of them have appear to have like thirty pieces and others nine or less. So, why the difference? Does one cause more pain than the other? Can someone explain this.