Sunday, May 25, 2014

No Forced Labor Summer 2014

I am sorry to report that my efforts to acquire land in Colorado have fallen short.  I have not been able to find land suitable for my purposes which have sufficient water available.  I continue to look--and expanded my search to surrounding states--but as of right now, the plan for a summer retreat of forced labor and rigid discipline in 2014 is cancelled.

I deeply apologize to everyone for the inconvenience of offering the possibility and then falling down on the delivery.  However,  I am very encouraged by the nearly two dozen (TWO DOZEN!) men who stepped forward expressing interest in this adventure.

I will continue my efforts and hopefully have some land suitable for shirtless sweaty labor under the lash of my whip in 2015.


  1. Bummer. Shirtless sweaty labor under the lash would be my ideal

    1. Comeon to Texas land to clear barn to string ya up in if ya man enough to take it

  2. How is the planning for 2015 going?

  3. I have the land to clear the hot Texas sun a whip a barn to string up in if ya man enough to cowboy up and take it topisdad@yahoo