Sunday, January 22, 2012

Link To Flogged On the March: Part 4

I have posted the final of a four part series at  It is called Flogged on the March.  I hope you enjoy it.  It is part 4 of 4 of a short work of fiction.  Please let me know what you think about the imagery contained and the writing style used.  You can post your comments here or on the article.

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  1. I could spend ENDLESS time and energy analysing various whipping scenes but I would have to do that over severeal messages. One of the best and most haunting is the one from Dead Man's Walk (Jonny Lee Miller). The book version is much more brutal... too brutal perhaps but the movie version is excellent, if a bit too harsh. This is a low-profile scene from a not too-well-known TV miniseries but it's so much grittier than Starship Troopers and REALLY puts the "culprit" to the test. I DON'T believe in whipping (as it is to in this scene and in the book) should result in death or coma as this whipping was designed to do, especially in the book. I like the bullwhip used though it does not look as lethal as the whip used on Troopers. Still, 100 lashes is much more severe than 10. I like the presentation of the 3 whips, the first few blows, the sweat flying off Miller's body, the close-up of his face beaded with sweat, the haunting, brooding music in the background, the 2 burly Mexican men, etc... Although this was posted in the military album it's more of a western scene.

    Nevertheless, this scene is more of a FANTASY scene for me which I would like to go back in time and experience and then come back to the present with full memory of the experience. I wuld NEED to know that I would live.