Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Poll: Bodies Under the Lash

Weigh in on our latest poll!  Which male body type looks best writhing under the lash?  Do you want to see skinny swimmers, athletic jocks, muscular men, or hairy bears?  More than one answer is allowed!


  1. All four of these types would be interesting to watch, but there are others that you left out: a flabby office-worker type, or a grossly obese man whose folds of fat ripple as the lash descends. A man who gets a flogging isn't always gym-toned, and as a rather out-of-shape man myself, I can identify with these less macho types being strapped down and given the whip.

  2. Bryan's right, Buddy. This poll is kind of biased. Yah, anyone addicted to this would like to lay a whip on a stud (like me, I just couldn't resist), but as Jagger says, you can't always get what you want. On your next vid, add an extra five hard ones for discrimination, dude.

  3. It's true, I was delving into the fantasy part of it, but the question does ask "which looks better"? Does anyone really want to watch a pasty, overweight middle-aged suburbanite take the lash for a DUI? Wouldn't we all rather watch a lean surfer or ripped cage-fighter?

    I'm not upset at the question, Bryan was right to point it out, and I will try to ensure that I am more faithful to the reality of real men under the lash in my polls from now on.

    It's been a few months since I'v been to the gym myself due to an injury, and right now I wouldn't film myself because I know I don't look good, so I am actually trying to spare everyone the agony of watching a flabby out-of-shape office worker. ;)

  4. Maybe this is just my weirdness but I find it exciting to imagine an older man (50's or 60's) getting whipped, especially one in good shape. Probably because I'm in that age myself. It's interesting that Singapore and Malaysia restrict corporal punishment to men under 50, except that in Malaysia, rapists can be flogged up to any age. The idea of an older man getting a judicial flogging is both horrifying and exciting.

  5. That is a very interesting perspective, Anonymous.

  6. Any guy with good broad lats is always nice but regardless of the shape and physique and guy who will immediatelt strip off his shirt and take it well is ok by me. The lash is mind as much as muscle.

  7. As WhippingDudes says, a lot about what we want to watch comes down to "which looks better," so aesthetics will play a large role. However, I think a couple other factors also come into play.

    First, an earlier poll established that the majority of readers prefer to be on the receiving end of the whip. That means, I believe, that when we're watching we like to mentally put ourselves in the place of the recipient. That's easier when the recipient's body type is either close to our own or one to which we could, with work, reasonably aspire. For most of us, that rules out the large, heavily-muscled competitive bodybuilders.

    Next, watching a whipping is more interesting if the recipient shows some degree of vulnerability. He should look like the whip will cause him serious pain and provide a true test of his will and endurance. I've seen other polls indicating that most people feel that whipping hurts more for the leaner guys (whether that's true or not, it seems to be the perception). The bodybuilders and bears just don't tend to look all that vulnerable.

    That said, I certainly agree with Mike that the lash is mind as much as muscle, and any guy willing to strip and take it deserves respect.

  8. It is true that flogging is applied to both women and men in some countries.But from what we have seen of the comments on this blog, most people only talk about men taking the lash.Obviously, this must be an issue of cultural acceptance (and possibly due to the influence of Hollywood, as Anonymous points out in his/her comment). So, I have created a new poll.

  9. Janny, the link in your post went to sales sit for computers. We put the issue of women under the lash in one of our previous polls. You can see the results of all past WhippingDudes polls at the bottom of the blog. When we posed that question, 83% of respondents said that only men should be whipped. Yes, it must be cultural.

    I guess a question, concerning women being lashed is: would you watch a flogging if a women were seized up?

  10. >would you watch a flogging if a women were seized up?

    Hell, yes! Even though I think corporal punishment ought to be restricted to male offenders in practice, the idea of a woman being whipped is exciting, if only because of the violation of cultural norms. And you can be pretty certain she would be screaming and carrying on, since there's no tradition of "taking it like a man."

  11. Um ... there's no need for a woman to "take it like a man". And why would she be more likely to scream than a man?

    Now, I've never been lashed in any way, but I've given birth twice. Was in labour for over 12 hours each time, without any anesthetic. Sure, I wasn't quiet but I certainly did not "scream and carry on."

    I know it's a cliche, but before you start tallking about the "weaker sex" and that women can't handle pain, take a minute and think about the timeframe. It's probably a bad comparison, but imagine a whipping session lasting for over 12 hours with new (and progressively worse) pain coming at you every second/third minute? That's how labour works guys...

  12. I personally find the idea that a woman wouldn't be able to take it to be completely ridiculous. I, for one, wouldn't be carrying on and screaming. Maybe the odd gasping, flinching, teeth gritting kind of thing, but no excessive thrashing and screaming.

    I've seen a few movies with women being flogged, and it's about 50/50 as to what's shown. There's a few with the woman loudly screaming or crying right off the bat, and there's some great ones where they just take it without too much emotion attached.

    As to watching women being whipped, I guess it depends on how you're wired. And depends on if you like 'screamers' or not. I personally don't like watching ANYONE be whipped that can't stand and take it without screaming, crying and thrashing around a ton. And no, that doesn't always only mean women.

    So would I want to watch a woman being flogged? Yes, under the right circumstances. I'd want to see someone take it like I would, basically.

  13. Please give us some respect guys! The pain we go through giving birth certainly demonstrates a degree of "toughness" I see the problem being that men have never gone through childbirth and therefore underestimate it. Throughout history women have endured the lash at sea (convict transportation anyone?) and on land through judicial sentencing and don't forget during WW2 women were routinely flogged during torture and in the prison camps.

    We are more than capable of holding our own!

  14. Yah, okay, I'll be blunt about it, I thought this blog was about Whipping Dudes...did ya catch that?

    I have no doubt that some females are into this fetish as well, but I'm guessing that most of them could play linebacker for Green Bay. Yah, you can brand me a sexist, I've heard it before.

    No one is underestimating anything, and as far as comparing it to childbirth, hey, ask any dude that's had a kidney stone. The sperm dude that brought me into this world had two of them, and they drove him to his knees.

  15. Richie, while you are right that this blog is called WhippingDudes, I think we have to realize that this community is small enough as it is. We shouldn't exclude anyone who is interested in seeing leather applied to flesh. The flogging of women is an appropriate topic and I am very glad to see women so engaged in this.

    I know that most readers will focus on men under the lash. And that's fine--I know that I certainly concentrate on that. But as a challenge, flogging should include all-comers.

    The women who have been commenting have been making good points about women being able to take pain as well (or even better) than men. We can never really know the answer to which sex endures pain better (but I think childbirth does give a compelling argument).

    With all that said, I do believe that men, in general, would be more likely to willingly step up to a whipping post than women.


  16. The whip is traditionally male punishment in Western society especially in the military when it was all men warriors. By the time the ladies got in, flogging was obsolete, unless it was in the brig.
    But if anonymous gal above wants to lash me with the severest whip she can lay hold of, my shirt is stripped off for it. I'm a big dumb hairychested male beast who would benefit from it as would most of us galoots. And I like to show how much I can take. Grrr.

  17. The key here to realize that there's a poll up there for a very good reason. The fact that there's even people saying that they wouldn't mind seeing a woman seized up obviously means there's SOME interest in it, no matter how small. There's scores of movies with it even, never mind all the BDSM clubs that whip women, so people out there must be interested too. Hoping that with discussion, that little flame will be kindled into something bigger than just the dominatrix scene.

    And it is true, there is no way to judge pain tolerance. Childbirth as the main margin of deciding is getting repeated endlessly, but I've never had a kid and I have been bare-back belted quite a few times. When I actually get around to having kids, I'll come back and let you know how it compares.

    As to the history of the whip, maybe in the Western countries it's different, but there's a ton of Eastern and African countries that whipped everyone. If you needed punishment, you got it, no matter who you were.

    But overall, I definitely think men are more willing to take the lash than most women. It is mainly a guy thing, I'll give you that. And most women would freak out and run away screaming after 1 stroke, provided they even volunteered to go at all, which 98% wouldn't even do.

    I said MOST, not all.

  18. The thing is, that for the most part, and I already know how stupid this sounds so don't go off on me, there are not a lot of "things" (for lack of a better word) that are strictly reserved for guys anymore. Okay, so I had a previous life in the dark ages, BFD.

    It's like the ladies being able to walk around in a guys locker room, yet a male in a females locker room...ain't gonna happen. I guess no one wants to see a male's divining rod poking through his jeans.

    So yah, even though this "fetish" involves a small community, the blog is, like I said, Whipping Dudes.

    Yup, it is --mostly-- a guy thing, macho if you will, guys testing their fortitude under the pain of a whip across their back while another dude tries to break them down.

    And if you wanna throw society's viewpoint in on the subject, the majority opinion of seeing females subjected to any kind of torture is like taboo, while if it's a dude, no one really gives a crap.

    Man, you'd think I was like 80 with this attitude, but I'm not and I'm not ashamed of how I view the subject.

    1. You're right on the money, whipping men is TOTALLY different than when a woman comes in on EITHER end of the whip! I don't care if some of the men here don't think of the LASH as a sexual way of connecting with another STILL is different when a woman comes into the picture. I don't even want women WATCHING the exchangeof the LASH between men....

  19. It really is a byproduct of testosterone plus the stoicism expected of the male. You can call it socialization all you want but's its hardwired. In the service, certainly the Marine Corps, you are literally judged on your stamina, endurance and the ability to take pain. Right out of the NCO guidebook. Doesn't mean CO's ordering lashings across the bare back but if he did you'd want to show you can take it. Guys still get blood wings and blood pins, officially taboo, but part of the culture. And all young guys want to show they can take a punch (and hand one back!). Don't have to be 80 to know what's a guy thing and what isn't. Like Richie says, no one really gives a crap if its a dude--unless he can't take it. We're just expected to shake off the pain. Even in the 21st century.