Sunday, February 13, 2011

WhippingDudes Video Available

Good news!  I found an easy way to make my first video, “Shirtless Muscle Dude Gets Whipped”, available for you to watch.  After YouTube pulled it for “inappropriate content”, no one has been able to see it.  Because censorship is also possible on this blog (although unlikely), I have created a back up site for it, which I update periodically to ensure the content is safe.  On the backup site, I have uploaded the original video and it is now available for your pleasure.

Please continue to use the Blogger site for your comments—I want to keep this as the main site.  But be sure to bookmark the new site just in case the Blogger one is ever pulled.  You can find the site at


  1. Buddy - I'm wondering if the vid was cut from YouTube because you sorta said the 'F' word? I honestly don't know, not much of a YouTuber.

  2. You could be right about that, Richie, Even though, I've seen plenty of videos with over a million hits that include the F-word, it is the only one of the three that I have uploaded that was pulled--and that really was the only difference between them. So, who knows?

  3. So few have voted with only 2 days to go. Please let others know about this blog!

  4. I let the Under The Lash blog people know about this one.

  5. Yo, Matt - What's with the dude that owns that blog? Weeks ago, I emailed him about being able to read it. Never got a frickin' answer.

    1. I don't know either. He has hidden his blog real well. I don't even think it's on this layer of the internet.

      Perhaps try the deep webs?

  6. It's a Google private blog. Peter and Rodney took this step because they were tired of having their websites TOS'd (removed for violating Terms Of Service). It's invisible to those who don't know the URL,, and even with the URL, all you see is a mostly-blank page that says it's private.

    I have their private email addresses, and they have indicated a willingness to add new subscribers. If you email me and I know you (either by a history of posting here, or use of a similar name/pseudonym that I recognize from some other site), I will put you in touch.