Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inspiration For Writing

With the fantasy nature of many of the recent comments on the “Laying on The Lashes” post (Feb 8), I thought it would be fun to see just how far everyone can go in describing the perfect flogging.  I encourage anyone interested to write a few paragraphs describing what they want to see in a flogging.  These can be from any perspective—the man being punished, the person wielding the whip, an officer supervising to ensure punishment is performed to specifications, or a description of the whole scene from an impartial observer..

Taking some of the images/concepts already posted on the comments, I have been working on a short story, an excerpt of which I have posted to a page on this blog.  You can read “End of Sentence” by clicking the hyperlink, or the link above the visitor counter.

I am curious to see what you think of my fiction writing.


  1. Here's an outline of my "ideal" flogging scenario:

    Half a dozen guards, the warden, and the doctor wait around the whipping apparatus, which is like the one used in British prisons (like an easel, with a rope passing over a wheel to pull the prisoner's arms up). The prisoner is brought in between two guards, already stripped to the waist, barefoot, wearing only ragged and dirty striped prison trousers. He's a tough-looking, sullen "criminal type."

    Warden reads the verdict and sentence (robbery with violence causing severe injury to an elderly woman; two dozen lashes). Doctor gives cursory exam and pronounces him fit. Prisoner is secured to easel with straps at ankles and knees, leather band around his waist to protect kidneys, canvas strap to protect the neck. His hands are put into leather cuffs on the rope and the rope is pulled and tied into a cleat. As his arms go over his head, the stink of his sweaty armpits fills the room.

    The flogger appears, in prison uniform and boots, but stripped to the waist for action. Very muscular, hairy chest and arms. Carrying the cat, which has nine tails of knotted rawhide shoestring. Warden calls "one", flogger swishes whip around twice and brings it down on
    back. Full strength! Intake of breath, arched back, head goes back. Slight redness of back.

    Lashes at 30 second intervals. After six, prisoner starts to groan. Entire back is reddened and puffy. After a dozen, the back become raw and swollen, and the knots
    begin to pick out bits of skin. Dots of blood appear. Prisoner shaking convulsively, starts to yell, plead for mercy. By stroke 18 blood trickles and he is howling continuously. A stream of urine flows down his pant leg over his bare feet as he wets his pants. Followed by semi-liquid excrement as he loses bowel control.

    After 24 lashes, prisoner is hanging semi-conscious on the apparatus. He slumps as he is untied and is supported by a guard on each arm as he stumbles away leaving filthy bare footprints behind.

  2. Trip to Mexico gone wrong......

    On a trip to Mexico me and my girlfriend were stopped by the local police. We just crossed the border and were mistaken for undercover to check out the drug trade.
    They kidnapped us and took us to their encampment and they must have drugged us as we apparantly passed out and awoke in a room with no windows and could only hear some men outside speaking in spanish.
    The door opened and in comes this officer dressed in a uniform with 3 guards. They dragged me down the hall to another room and in this room was a very large muscular man standing there with no shirt on and arms as big as tree trunks. He had an ugly snear but a strange look in his eyes as if he enjoyed seeing me.
    In his right hand he was grasping what I couldn't believe as it was a coiled up long black bullwhip.
    To my horror they dragged me over to another part of the room and took my cuffed hands and attached a rope to the chain between the cuffs and secured this to a pulley attached well to the ceiling.
    They pulled up and there I was strung up hanging by my wrists with my toes barely able to scrape the dirt floor.
    The guard in uniform came over and ripped off my shirt and said in broken english you will tell us everything.
    I felt the first lash of the bullwhip and felt like my hide was split in two. The brute force of the lash made me sway as my toes passed through the dirt on the floor.
    The guards laughed as the next lash wrapped aroung my waist and then the next across my back again and again. The full force of the bull whip caused me to emit noises that were other worldly as the guard kept up the lashes each one with more force than the next. I saw the guards pass money between them as if they were betting on this performance.
    Next, they took a break and asked me to tell them my mission and all I could do was to beg.
    The guard in charge then took the bullwhip himself and another 20 brutal lashes with the full length of the whip across my back, each one making me swing back and forth, hanging from the ceiling. My screams were endless as the guards watched and smiled. They were goading the guard using the whip who knew exactly how to use the complete 8 feet of the bull whip. He apparantly was enjoying this greatly.
    This guard was not as large but was very muscular, using a fresh arm and apparently even more experienced with the whip and knew just how to make me scream even louder.
    By this time my back felt like it was ripped up and raw and just as I thought I was going to pass out I heard the guard say that my girlfriend confessed to everything and they left the room with me hanging there dripping with sweat, and labored breathing.
    It seemed like hours but they returned and thinking of the lash again I started to beg for mercy.
    They said nothing and cut me down. Falling to the floor they dragged me out to meet my girlfriend and they threw me in the room with her.
    Not knowing what was in store for us but we knew that it was not over.
    More to follow....

  3. WOW! Anonymous did us proud! I can't wait to see the next installment.

  4. Try this take on a modern version of historical army punishment flogging if still used today:

    A large solid flogging triangle has been erected in parade ground surrounded by the regiment. The prisoner is marched out between two corporals. All three have buzz cuts and tanned muscular physiques, and are dressed in combat pants, boots and t shirt. The sentence is read out: Insubordination and fighting in the ranks, 100 lashes. The prisoner is uncuffed and ordered to remove his shirt, then marched to the triangle. His wrists and ankles are strapped so he is on tip toe, his back stretched taunt and weight on his arms. The corporals each peel off their shirts and remove a cat of nine tails from a bag. The prisoner is big and tough looking but these men are physical training instructors and even bigger and more muscular. They practise a few swings in the air with the cats. The long tails are made of dense cord as hard as wire and each tail has three knots. The prisoner has been cocky and swaggering throughout, reckoning himself a real hard case. They are going to enjoy proving him wrong.

    The punishment begins. The first, right handed, corporal swings his cat twice around his head to build up momentum then brings it crashing down as hard as he can across the back of the prisoner. The prisoner manages to keep staring ahead and shows hardly any reaction. A sergeant shouts “one!” Five seconds later the second left handed corporal delivers his stroke, possibly even harder than the first, but to a similar reaction. But the prisoner’s muscular back is now marked with a vivid cross where the tails have raked across. The sergeant shouts “two!”

    The punishment goes on. Each stroke is supposed to be with the same force but in their determination to break this man the corporals compete to try to deliver them harder. They are sweating and grunting with the effort. The prisoner is slowly worn down. His whole body convulses and his head jerks back under the shock of each lash. But apart from an occasional grunt as struggles to control his breathing and tense his muscles, he still manages not to cry out. His back feels so raw now, it would be almost unbearable for someone to even gently touch it, and yet somehow he hangs on through each agonising stroke. He is in a world of pain.

    The punishment ends. The prisoner’s muscular body is drenched in sweat and his back is a mess. But he has proven his toughness and with modern care will be back on duty in a few days. The corporals are exhausted, sweating and specked with blood. Most of the men watching are realistic about their own ability to soak up pain and would dread the punishment they have witnessed. There are only a handful of men in the entire regiment who could take such a brutal flogging this well. And the corporals know men like this have to prove themselves every once in a while, can they still take it, can they take more? The flogged man is a tough and able soldier but he will find a way to get on a flogging charge and revisit the triangle. The army are happy to let such men have their show every now and again so long as they toe the line the rest of the time. The corporals know they will get another chance.


  5. Whew! What a great military image, Boxer.

  6. A Blog
    whew ! Finally back from work .. Hard long day.. We start at 10AM every Friday.. Sometimes on Wednesday when we're busy.. It's been fuckin' crazy since they made the DUIs mandatory for the whip.. Ya know, 25 for first time, 50 for second, 75 for third etc .. After 4 DUIs the dude should have his fingers cut off .. Not really.. I need job protection !
    Anyhow, two PEOs called in sick this mornin'.. Shitbirds were partyin' heavy last night. More work for the 4 of us ! .. Oh yeah, a PEO is what I do .. A Punishment Enforcment Official , ya know, like a Sanitation Engineer ! .. Hey, I whip people !!
    So, we always start the punishment sessions with the DUIs.. Shit, these dudes are alway shakin' and cryin' for mercy as they are bein' strapped up ! I feel a little sorry for these fuckers.. Can't say I never drank and drove before! Just never got caught! So me and my buddy are workin ' up a sweat on the 3 of them.
    I like what I do! I like the way my muscles feel as they work out to the point endorphins get me stoked.. I hear that happens to the men on the other side of the whip. I really hope so ! .. I enjoy men watching my sweating body lay on the lash.. Ya know, I'm not gay, but the idea of another guy gettin' off on me turns me on. I thought that when I was a wrestler in High School.. I kinda get off on it too.. Shhh .. Don't tell my mother lol!!
    The next dude up is sentenced to 50 lashes with a knotted cat! He punched out some cunt in a beach bar, ya know the type, roid ragin' Jersey Shore type.. Needs an attitude adjustment! We whipped him until lunch break .. Only half done.. Left him strung up until we came back and laid on another 25 . Fuck, he was really howlin'. Don't think he'll be punchin' out any bitches at the bars in the future! What a dick !!
    My last charge was a short, thin, totally whitebread dude.. About nineteen years old, convicted of snatching purses of old ladies at the mall.. The judge was very angry and sentenced him to 100 lashes with a tripple knotted cat !! Rough business!! .. This asshole had skinhead tattoos on his back and a fuckin' jailhouse swasticka tattoo on his neck.. Ya know the type, fuckin sagger shit, fuckin' paper thin skin totally freckled back .. We laid on him hard!! After 10 lashes he was a screamin' banshee!! After 25, the OIC stopped the punishment. He was pissed !! He wanted to get this shit done, with the backlog and all . He had the fucker sent back to the cellblock, added 3 months to his sentence and 10 more lashes to his punishment! It's gonna take a year to t
    get the whippin' done.. Poor bastard!.. Hey, when it rains it pours!
    So, finally home and beat, writin' this blog .. Too late to go out bowlin' with my buddies. Tomorrow, I'll just chill, maybe do a light workout or play some pickup hoops at the gym..
    Right now I need to take a long, hot, shower.. Maybe watch some porn on the Internet, and hit the sack..
    Sunday is Church day.. Yeah !! I sing in the Choir !! A fuckin' angel I am!!
    Well, g night for now, see ya soon, .. But not at work !! Heh heh .. Love and kisses, Spike.

  7. trip to mexico gone bad - part 2

    My girlfriend took a look at my back and started to cry. I assured her even though it was very painful I was basically OK and she said she couldn't help confessing even though we were innocent when she heard my screams.
    They kept us in this room or cell I should say for a few days feeding us bad food and water only. We had no idea where we were or what was to come.
    The morning of the 5th day the same officer came in who supervised the flogging and brought 3 guards with him.
    I see senor you are better as we were waiting for you to recover. He explained we were in a detention camp for suspected spies of the drug trade and it was basically a prison and work camp.
    You will stay here and work with the others.
    They led us outside to a court yard and he said we want you to see what will happen if you don't do your share of the work.
    In the middle of the court yard there was a wooden frame with 2 wooden girders connected with a crosspiece at the top and two steel rings on each side at the top and on the bottom two more steel rings on either side.
    Next to it was the same guard who used the bullwhip on me and was standing there with no shirt on. His muscular body glistened in the hot sun with sweat and he was holding a coiled up thick black bullwhip in his right hand.
    Next, they dragged a man over as he begged for mercy and attached his wrists with ropes to the two steel rings on the top of the frame and his ankles to the two steel rings on the bottom.
    He was stretched out like a starfish and then the captain came over and ripped off his shirt.
    The other prisoners were assembled and the captain announced the punishment to consist of 75 lashes with the bullwhip.
    You could see the prisoners cringe as probably most have felt the whip in the past and knew what 75 lashes meant.
    The huge guard unflurled the bullwhip and it must have been 10 feet long. He threw a few practice cracks in the air. Dust flew up even though the whip didn't even touch the ground.
    He was an expert and the first lash drew blood.
    He used the full length of the whip.
    The next 5 lashes only caused red welts to form so I guess he knew exactly how to control the damage he would do.
    The prisoner's back was turning beet red as each lash criss crossed each other and made his stretched out arms pull forward at the rings attaching him to the frame.
    He screamed with each lash and as the next 20 lashes came his back was covered with welts.
    The next 10 lashes were brutal as the guard's sweat flew throught the air off his torso profusely as he deliver them.

    continued next post

  8. continued from above-

    The captain came over and told the guard to stop as he wanted to take over himself.
    I could tell he would enjoy this.
    He brought over another whip with him and took off his shirt.
    This whip was much shorter and had a wooden handle with a 3 foot length of a single whip attached to it. I guess it was a short bullwhip so to speak and the guard slashed it threw the air in front of the prisoner and said that he could make him scream even louder with this.
    He said that the first session was just a "warm up"!
    He was right as the first lash with this shorter instrument made the prisoner not only scream but loose bladder control completely.
    This seemed to please the captain and he continued to apply the lashes rapidly as the prisoner screamed endlessly begging for him to stop.
    The audience watched in horror as the 70th lash drew blood as the first did.
    The captain smiled seeing this and at the same time the prisoner passed out and was just hanging from his attachment to the steel rings.
    To our horror the captain didn't even flinch and the last five lashes were delivered to complete the punishment. The prisoner hung limp as the large guard came with a bucket of water and dowsed him.
    The prisoner jerked back and just hung there.
    The captain came over to us, showed me the whip, his muscular torso covered with sweat and breathing heavily with a strange smile and said do your work or I just might enjoy your turn with the whip again.
    We did whatever he told us to do after that but all the time thinking how we could escape---
    more to follow


  9. The accused, a young man in his early twenties, is led out of the tiny prison cell and out onto the village green. In front of the gathered crowd he is stripped to the waist, his shirt dropping to the ground, his arms outstretched and fastened to the transverse flogging post.
    The crowd are hushed by the sight of the flogger ambling towards the post, braided whip in hand. The sentence is read out to remind those gathered of what awaits, 30 strokes across the bare back. The accused's body glistens as sweat begins to form. Moment's later the first stroke is delivered across his shoulders leaving a bright red mark. Despite a sharp intake of breath the accused remains silent. After a pause the second stroke lands this time just below the shoulder blades, still no utterance. The third stroke lands just under the second but wraps round the accused's chest leaving a single, visible, bright red mark across his breast and now for the first time he cries out in pain. Each stroke is now agony and his previously unmarked back reddens. With the first dozen strokes delivered the crowd see a criss-cross pattern of welts across the young man's back. and some angry welts where the whip had wrapped round his chest. The flogger takes a few minutes to admire his work, and like the accused his body is dripping with sweat. After a few moments respite the whip cracks mercilessly again across his back and starts to draw blood. The pain now occupies all the accused's thoughts, his cries of agony are not heeded, all the young man can focus on is bearing each lash and getting through his flogging. The shout of "30" signal the last stroke is immenent and strikes his bloodied back with the same venom the first did. Drenched in sweat,his chest marked,his back a mess of torn and bleeding flesh, he realises he's endured his flogging. At last it is over.

    Anon 23

  10. Very imaginative and exciting work! I love reading this stuff.

  11. I was a 20 year old recently graduated in veterinary issues, so I decided to look for a job on a ranch.
    After some interviews got an interesting post.
    He was to travel to the interior.
    Arrive at the right place and was led by a man to stay where they work.
    It was very hot, hell!
    After waiting about 40 minutes at the door of a house in the sun, with my luggage, opened the door and appeared sullen man who interviewed me.
    During the conversation it looked pretty upset ...
    Indian to another man to show me my room and workplace.
    Let my things and follow up large barn, which was quite dark inside.
    Once in place a strong blow to the head knocked me down and did lose consciousness.
    When I recovered was being driven by 2 strong men to a place where there was a standing pole.
    After receiving a knock again, I resisted because, among other tied my wrists and the rope passed through a ring at the top of the post.
    They pulled the rope and stood there, but love the post.
    I do not understand anything and rather than struggling, he was still dazed by the blows.
    Began to tear my shirt, then my shoes and finally the jeans, leaving me only boxer.
    They tied my ankles to some existing rings on the floor.
    Appeared on the scene after the man she had had the interview. He wore a long braided whip, ending in fine point, black.

  12. The sun shone as beacons of fire around noon.
    All men who watched the scene, about 5 sweating.
    Semi naked I began to feel the heat on my skin.
    Beads of sweat dripped from my armpits, hairy chest completely soaked me as my back ...
    The man began to interrogate me and tell me what life was like at the ranch, they had to obey and how to obey ...
    I felt my heart pounding, as already sensed what was coming.
    He said he did not want the job, I wanted to leave immediately and ended with that joke.
    The Chief threw a raucous laugh and told me that taught me discipline. That was very arrogant, common to every young person of 20 years. He would tame me ...

  13. Begins walking in circles next to me while I was examined and play bets with other men.
    They said 24, 30, 36 ...
    No! excalmo one, that is as far as stamina!
    The head was placed behind me at a distance ... I was not much they could release me ... I knew what I expected.
    The question was why?
    The chief threw a pair of blows in the air, threatening ... clicks echoed between the walls of buildings surrounding the site ..
    Finally reached the first whip my body!
    The tip of the whip reached my left shoulder, down the back on a diagonal left a mark. It hurt, but not so much, I thought.
    Someone told "one. "
    Below I felt the whip through the air until the impact on my back again. The same voice said "two. "
    Orto burning in my body again ...
    The stripes were going happening, I tolerated it well ...
    Reach easily the first dozen.
    The chief paused and began to question me again.
    Bring water, "he said. And a bucket of water fell on my back.
    I began to writhe in pain!
    "Well, let's go" So began the second dozen.
    And more men watched the punishment.
    Some assumed that did not pass the 24 lashes.
    While already felt more pain and fatigue, was not like what I saw in the movies, I thought.

  14. At the end of the second dozen was pretty tired, my legs loosened ...
    On the other hand the heat ... It hurt more sun than the whip.
    My back and my ribs exposed tabs punishment. So far not a single trace of blood. Undoubtedly the chief wise to use the whip!
    Stopped again and began to speak again.
    Now before resuming internalized punishment is close to my chest, began to caress me, like that by my outstretched arms and exposed my hairy armpits.
    This intrigued me more than the punishment itself
    He stood behind me and I praise his work and my strength.
    He made a comment about my back, also somewhat hairy. "Definitely I'm going to shave, first the back and chest after"

    A whip! and made a loud laugh, that those attending the "taming" celebrated laughing.
    Now the stripes were closer, so my body around the pole and turned me around. And more strong and painful.
    Midway through the third dozen faint pain I thought ... So he stopped and again the icy water!
    So I completed the 36.
    I wanted the punishment ends, yet not. That old bastard wanted to die of heat while playing with me because he was sweating as much or more than me and he looked tired and agitated.
    I a kid of 20 years had to be stronger than him!
    The other men and asked for "50"

  15. Before proceeding with punishment, motioned to another man to approach.
    I felt my skin burn much more than before, I could not see if there were marks of blood.
    Together the two decided to start my boxers, leaving me completely naked, exposed.
    I now felt humiliated. I ran the forces. That will make so bare with me now? I feared the worst for a man ...
    The chief stood again before me and began to study my nakedness. Began again with renewed vigor and this time his hands went down to my genital area.
    Played a little with my penis and my testicles.
    I lit the anger and spat in his face.
    "Ah yes " I said and started to touch my bare thighs and buttocks. "and you'll like it" said and done laughing.
    Spat on his face again. It'll be expensive, baby.
    Now going to tell you and you hear all he said.
    Punishment but is reset from scratch ...
    1,2,3,4, ... and so have made me what little strength he had for you all to hear.
    The lashes were now strong and painful truth
    While I was face to pole whip enveloped me completely. He gave no more!
    Whipped my buttocks. I did see the blood of my back and my ribs.

    Upon arrival at the whip 24, stopped the punishment.
    In total obtains his 60 lashes, the first in my life.
    The men who watched the show were amazed.
    The boss really knows how to use the whip.
    If the first 2 dozen have been like the last 2 would have killed me. But he serves but a man hit it takes several days to recover not dead.
    Finally they all left. I was left exposed.
    Later, when back a sense I was in a warehouse, I think that it where I was captured.
    Naked and tied to an ankle lock and chain, whose end was attached to a wall.
    Approached me a boy, about my age, I thought. Wore only shorts, and well-trained and well-built naked body.
    First mistrusted. Amicably approached to bring me to drink and something to heal my wounds.
    Was presented. Hi, Lorenzo ...
    Thanks for your help, I said, I'm Lucas.
    He told me almost a year ago he was going through the same ordeal. "The pay is very good, better than any other ranch, but sometimes ..."
    Point out some fresh marks on his chest, whip, no doubt ...
    When turning his back was worse than his chest.
    He told me it was his discipline that came, he refused and was beaten.
    Only 24, he said, gave me the foreman. At the same time that I was getting to me.
    The newcomer was me ...

  16. Well I hope you like it, is a bit long and I translate it as my written English is not very good.
    Ah! The profile photo is me. For you!

  17. Lots of great descriptions! I notice that sweating seems to be a common feature, and this is also true of real-life floggings, apparently, to judge from this account in National Geographic from 2008, of judicial whippings in Somalia: "How could human beings sweat so much—so fast? After ten blows the prisoners were wet as swimmers. At twenty, the courtyard wall behind the whipping post was spattered with their sweat." The whole article is online at

  18. When exposed to a situation of stress, both physically and psychologically, it is logical that sweating increase. Especially if you do not know what is coming or can imagine what kind of punishment an receive.
    Endorphins and adrenaline are a full!. Especially if you are exposed to hot summer sun, tied his arms and feet in an awkward position, waiting to be flogged in front of other men who contemplate the scene.
    The young man waiting to be flogged to exit gracefully from the test that will be submitted.

  19. Hey whipping dude,
    (1) I write long torture stories, most of which include whipping and bondage. Can I send a sample to you?
    (2) how can i meet other guys who are into back whipping? would like a real session. high threshold of pain.

  20. Steve, please feel free to email me your writing samples at I am working on figuring out a way to put a network together. If you--or anyone else--have any ideas on how to make that happen, please let me know!

  21. Hi Steve.

    As for meeting other guys, I guess start chatting to a few of us on here - we tend to all have varying degrees of the same basic interest. Also have a look in the links section, there are a couple of other sites worthy of a look.

    I tried to bung you a message directly but your profile doesn't provide a means of contact other than "public view" on here.


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  23. trip to mexico gone bad --part 3

    we were put to work daily and didn't dare slack off after the demonstation of the poor prisoner who did-
    i didn't see my girlfriend much as women and men were kept separate and the women were put to more domestic tasks-
    I befriended another prisoner named Paco and he had an escape plan he worked on for a while-
    one night we decide to go for it and we snuck out of the compound through a whole in the fence he knew about-
    I couldn't even tell my girlfriend but would get her later after my escape-
    After we started running we heard the commotion behind us and the guards were on horseback following us-
    they got us not even too far off from the compound-
    dragging us back with ropes attached to our wrist to the compound and didn't waste any time with the punishment-
    Paco was first and they took the rope and threw it over the whipping frame in the couryard and hoisted him up completely off the ground hanging by his wrists-
    his feet were a foot above the ground and he was hanging there as the muscular guard approached and stripped off his shirt-
    he had his bullwhip coiled in his hand and the sadistic officer who whipped me was there too-
    he also had a bullwhip-
    they both stepped back and cracked their whips in the air-the large guard said to the other lets see who can make him scream more-me or you and he laughed-
    nothing was said but each started to bullwhip Paco at the same time-
    the successtion of lashes were rapid as they took turns with their whips but there was not a break-
    they didn't even count the lashes and poor Paco was swinging back and forth with the full force of each lash-
    bloody stripes formed on Paco's back as he screamed for mercy but they didn't stop-
    after what seemed like an eternity they said they would take a break and took their sweat soaked shirts off and sat down to smoke a cigarette-
    Paco was still hanging by his wrists but barely conscious and was begging to be let down-
    they both got up again and looked at me and said they would make an example of me and had something else in mind-
    my heart started racing and I couldn't imagine what that would entail-
    they continued with the bullwhipping of Paco and he finally passed out - they left him hanging-his back looked like raw hamburger-
    my turn was next-
    more to come


  24. Excellent! I look forward to your punishment!

  25. My first experience of something similar was 8 months ago. I'd just turned 17 and scraped through the Army selection tests. A family friend (an ex army PTI) offered to give me one on one fitness sessions before my basic training started.

    Before my first session he gave a quick run through of what he expected from me and then made me strip to the waist. After a quick inspection of my bare chest and back the session started and it wasn't long before I started to visibly sweat.

    After a few more sprints and reps I was told to stand up and put my hands on my head. A few seconds later a thin cane cracked across my back quickly followed by a second stroke which made me cry out. My friend said he'd toughen me up and would give a couple of cracks during each session with the goal of taking 6 strokes in silence.

    I mentioned this to my dad who said it's what I needed to start proving myself. Just two weeks before I went to start my Army training and after a load of sessions I was given my final test and took 6 strokes across my back in silence with my dad watching.

    Think the blog is great!

  26. Very good! finally left few marks on his back? There was blood?
    Would be interested to whipping his hands tied?

  27. Think I put my comment in the wrong place! This is a true account. My back was red where the cane landed but there was no blood and I held onto a farm gate during this. Mike made a comment about military PT performed shirtless earlier - trust me it's the best way to go even when it's freezing in mid winter much better than wearing a shirt/vest.

  28. I posted one of my fantasies in another thread, but I can give it another go.

    He awoke to bright sunlight streaming through the window of his cell. At least he had a window...some of the other cells here were just four plain brick walls. He wondered what sort of treatment he would be forced to endure today. The endless days since his capture behind enemy lines had been one long nightmare of pain and humiliation. He wondered how long he would stand up to this before his spirit was broken. Yet he was determined that his captors would never find out the information he knew...they would have to kill him first.

    He was startled out of his musings by the arrival of a guard. His door opened and in stepped the one person he believed felt some sort of sympathy for him. This guard had smuggled him extra food, and even tended his wounds after one particularly brutal beating. Today, his face was lined with worry.
    "Well, what is it to be today?" the prisoner asked.
    The guard sighed. "I wish I didn't have to tell you this. They've ordered the worst flogging we can mete out for today. Few men survive it, and those who do have permanent damage. Only those brawny of stature stand a chance. Men like you seldom return."
    The prisoner dropped his head. "Then so be it."
    The guard reached for the prisoner's wrists, and securely bound them behind his back, then quickly escorted him down a long, dark hallway. A door opened, and another guard jerked the prisoner forward. And so began the ordeal.

    The questions were all the same: 'Who are you? What was your mission? Where are your comrades?' To each, the prisoner replied defiantly: 'No one. To kill all of you. How the heck should I know?'

    The interrogator waved his hand. "Enough of this nonsense. Begin the torture."

    (continued below)

  29. The prisoner was marched to the center of the room, and his hands unbound, then placed into leather cuffs which were securely buckled. The order was given, "Remove his shirt." He felt the cold air hit his torso as his shirt was torn away. He was then raised onto his toes, but the hoisting did not stop until he was hanging from his wrists, a few inches off the floor.

    He glanced slightly to the right and saw an impressive guard he had never seen before enter the room. His blood ran cold at the sheer sight of the whip the guard carried. It appeared to be laced with sharp prongs of some sort...and coated in spots with what looked to be dried blood. He felt the whip touch his back ever so slightly, tantalizingly, softly.

    He steeled himself, closed his eyes and waited...and waited...and waited. His shoulders were tensed and ready, but nothing happened. He relaxed just slightly and then...

    Excruciating pain ran down his back from left shoulder all the way down to the top of his shorts. His head fell back and a sharp groan escaped through his clenched teeth. He dropped his head back forward and realized he was now facing the guard, as the sheer impact had spun him around. The next lash fell partly on his chest, but wrapped around to his back, spinning him to the way he was before. He glanced down to his chest; it was already bleeding. The pain was indescribable. He began to question his resolve. The next lash ripped a cry from his throat, and it was followed up by an unintended sob as he drew in his breath through his mouth.

    Soon, the lashes blurred into one giant sea of pain, and he found himself panting to try to catch his breath, feeling the blood and sweat mixing together and running down his back. He tried to concentrate, his body screaming inside for relief. Between lashes, he silently pleaded, "stop...just stop..."

    The torture stretched on forever, and finally he faintly heard someone call, "Enough!" He was lowered to the ground, and barely standing, was released from the shackles. He had no strength, and collapsed onto the floor, into a pool of his own blood and sweat. He barely opened his eyes and saw a pair of boots walking toward him, then felt himself be lifted onto the shoulders of a man nearly double his size and weight.

    The last thing he remembered was being laid on a table, and warm water cleaning his back, as the world went dark.

    He awoke once more to the sunlight in his window. He realized, through the lingering fire of pain, that he had lived to see another day. His fight was not over, but he remained unbroken...the greatest pride of all.

  30. As a nerd I don't have time for being whipped but I my story is this. Hope I don't get B& for this.

    A strong prisoner in a small dungeon cell is chained to the ceiling with iron manacles, shirtless. The burly helmet wereing guard walks in carrying a coiled 20 foot pleated kangaroo leather bullwhip. He props the man's chin up with the whip and then grabs his hair to show it to him.

    Holding the smooth coiled whip in full view of the victim, he smiles wickedly saying "I am going to enjoy cracking this whip on your flesh.". He snakes it around the man's neck saying "This whip will soon be red with your blood." with a sinister laugh. The guard steps back and uncoils the bullwhip letting it snake out onto the ground.

    Now he casts the whip at him and before it hits his back, he deftly flicks his wrist, causing the long whip to loudly crack like rifle on the man's bare back. The prisoner grunts loudly as a large welt appears on his back.

    The guard lays on lash after lash, each one with a resounding crack. Soon the guard is really sadistic as his whip starts to draw blood. The blood makes him whip harder and harder. 30 min later the poor chained prisoner's back is tender enough to be cut open with each crack of the bullwhip.

    The bullwhip leather is now turning red and the guard took the opertunity to show him. As he is revived he feels a burning agony on his back along with a wet sensation flowing down his back. He is jerked by the guard who still holds the whip. He wanted the prisoner to see its leather was wet with his blood.

    After realizing that the whip is slightly red the guard resumes whipping the prisoner, bloody gashes appearing on the bleeding back. The prisoner pleads for the whipping to stop. Yet the brutal guard delivers another blood splattering stroke. Eventually the prisoners back is criss crossed with large bloody gashes as the whip continues to carve its into the flesh again and again.

    Eventually the guard has to run the whip's leather lash through his free hand every 10 lashes to remove the blood from it. After what seems forever the savage bullwhipping stops. There is no more smooth skin to bullwhip on his back. So the blood splattered guard coils the well used bullwhip up and releases the victem to get treated for infection and repair. The victim has taken it like a man and is honored by the guards who place the bullwhip in the victim's hands as a badge of manliness.

    He endured a hell on earth and the whip proves it.

    This is what I seriously want done to me. This is my idea of a great and satisfying flogging. To be strung up and bullwhipped to a bloody pulp. This is the true test of manhood. In my opinion. I am looking for someone who would be willing to bullwhip me like this, but it is not a top priority so I don't actively seek out this person yet.

  31. In real life, I am an ex- soldier, I live in a waggon with six dogs to support and often feed them and me by being a skilled poacher and hunter (my Romany grandaddy taught me well)

    Often I yearn for the good old days when the likes of me, if outwitted by the game keeper could be hoisted from the stable beams and horse whipped by some grimey, burly farrier or farm hand.

    I'm sure I would get careless and get caught out by that wiley old estate manager if a damn good old fashioned British horsewhipping was on the cards.

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