Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WhippingDudes Poll

I have added poll feature on the blog so that people can vote on various aspects of flogging.  I will post a new survey every week.  I will gladly take suggestions for questions to post (remember to include possible answers).  Please participate in this week’s poll (“Which is the best whip to be laid across a shirtless back?”).  You can check multiple responses.


  1. The cat of nine tails was designed for one purpose only .. To savagely whip the backs of men.

  2. Awesome. The results of this poll, so far, kinda surprised me. I mean, the bullwhip has always been the whip to set me over the edge. I think part of the reason is the word itself. I mean, bull, the word is always associated or pertains to the male animal. Combine that with the word whip, perfect man. I dunno, there's just something erotic (I didn't wanna use that word, but it seems totally appropriate) about it.

    An expert with a bullwhip can flick it on a bare back so it feels like some gigantic horsefly bit'cha, or wrap it around your chest so the fall and cracker sting you, or lay it on so you feel like you've been cut in half. The point is that if handled properly, it doesn't always draw blood, which is probably what everyone thinks.

    I read someplace that the original cat used in naval floggings was not leather, but strands of rope. Can anyone verify this? When did they decide leather would be better to get the point across? And when did they put knots in the strands?

    I think the Romans were the first ones to insert metal in the strands of the cat that they used on offenders.

  3. You can google or seach Wikipedia for cat of nine tails and you can get the whole history of the instrument as well as some drawn depictions of it's use. Personally, athough I would prefer the cat, any one of the other instruments of punishment choices would be just as accceptable .. Maybe a number of lashes with each one at the same session. The choice, of course, is up to the court sentence or the whipper himself.

  4. Mark made a great comment about this on the FaceBook page ( because Blogger was giving him a hard time about posting it here. I encourage everyone to go over and read it--and "like" the page while you're at it ;)

  5. I've never felt a bullwhip, but everything I've seen and heard says it's the best. That is, until I heard about African hippo-hide single-tails. A single piece of hide, cut to a round cross section, tapering to a point. If you have a flickr login, see for an example. Sorry, the owner has it marked "Adult" so an adult-aged flickr account with filters off is needed to view it.

    Although I voted for bullwhip only, I was tempted to vote for cat and prison strap as well, but the mystique of the bullwhip puts it so far and above the others that I couldn't vote for others.

  6. Buddy - What happens when this poll ends? Is it just to see what kind of whip guys prefer to have stripe & challenge their back?

    A good bull will shrink your bank account in no time. Some of the ones that David Morgan makes, depending upon the length and plait, start at $500.00. Terry Jacka, I think, is about the same if not more. Some of the ones for sale on Ebay run $100 plus, but they aren't real good quality. Once and a while, there are some decent ones, but again, expensive. I've been told too many times by the sperm dude who brought me into this world that I've got a champagne taste and a beer pocket book.

    If this is just a poll, then how about some other ones, like which way to you prefer to be tied up. Do you prefer to be whipped on the back or chest or both? Do you like having people watch? Have you ever whipped someone?

  7. Richie, the poll goes for a week (that appears to be the default setting for Blogger polls). This is just for fun--I don't have any specific intent to do anything with the results (at least not with the current poll). I might eventually post some polls for viewer feedback on elements to include in future videos.

    I have written other polling questions that I will post from week to week--and you have some great suggestions for future polls that I am sure to use.