Friday, January 28, 2011

Putting on a Good Show

We are really starting to get the conversation going here on WhippingDudes Flogging Blog!  I appreciate everyone’s willingness to open up and share their views on and experiences under the lash.  This is a topic that has had me itching for most of my life and I am glad to find others have the same fascination.  I am especially grateful to those that express their personal understandings of the touch of the whip to their bare backs.  The comments are ranging all over the blog—being made on older posts—so to help you find them, I have added a feature to the left-hand side of the screen (just under the poll) which shows the most recent 15 user comments.

Toughpaul writes about taking the whip stoically, in silence, to prove his personal endurance.  I congratulate him on his achievement.  For me, as I have stated before, I find that I strip off my shirt for the fear.  I crave the lash, but I do fear the pain.  Once I have been securely tied and there is nothing I can do to stop the punishment, I always wonder “why am I doing this?”  It doesn’t matter to me so much if I cry out, I take it as I take it (of course, the more I am flogged the more lashes I can take without crying out). 

The answer to why I do this is twofold:
1.  I want to experience the fear and helplessness that military and judicial prisoners felt when they were flogged for their offenses; to know what it is like to be the object of official punishment which cannot—and will not—end until the sentence is complete, no matter how painful.  Once I have agreed to it, I’m stuck—which creates the helplessness.  In short, the courage to willingly face that which countless men were forced to endure throughout the centuries.
2.  To put on a good show.  Through my years of watching movies that contained floggings, I have come to desire certain elements in flogging scenes, but I rarely find them.  I want to create the perfect flogging scene for me.

The perfect scene for me will not be the perfect scene for other people.  Some want to watch a man stoically take the lash and others want to watch the reactions on his face.  Some want to see a man tied to an outdoor post and others want to watch a prisoner writhe against interior prison bars.  I like all those ideas:  A variety of scenes is needed to create a good collection and I am working on creating that variety (that’s why in my scenes I wear different pants and we use different whips).  I also want to watch a variety of men endure the whip, so it can’t just be me up there.  I encourage everyone to film their flogging sessions and post them to YouTube—we can bring endurance flogging into the mainstream by force of numbers!

If you haven’t already voted, make sure to cast your ballot on this week’s poll before it closes!


  1. Thanks for the replies I've had to various comments I made yesterday. I'd love to have time to continue the conversation now but sadly I'm going to be away for the next couple of weeks helping to run some outdoor adventure courses for youngsters - great fun, hard work & very busy! I'll catch up with the blog on my return.

    Paul :-)

  2. Have fun on your adventures, Toughpaul. There will be plenty of reading to catch up on when you get back!

  3. I am glad you mentioned that you have had times where you think "Why am I doing this?". The first time I experienced a bull whip, I was tied to a St. Andrew's cross. While I had many fantasies from TV Westerns from the 1960s, I was unprepared for the truly intense pain from the bull whip. The whipmaster was an expert and knew how to use the whip without causing damage. However, after the first six lashes, I thought to myself that I would never do this again. I took the two dozen lashes because I had no choice, but the regret disappeared soon after I was released from the bondage. For me it is important to go through the moments of doubts and the intense pain. The satisfaction of receiving those lashes was immense. I am always striving to find people to take me to a new level in receiving the lash.


  4. For me, anyhow, the ideal "scene" is when a guy is determined to take his flogging stoically, but then ends up screaming and begging for mercy after all.

  5. Oh yeah, the sentence MUST be carried out. I have no choice once under the lash. If I knew I could end it, I might say this is enough after six. And I want the man whipping me to get sadistic with me and enjoy hurting me.

    How fast should a flogging be? How long should, say, forty lashes take? Laid on one right after the other, or slow and irregular? Efficient methodical military flogging? Or slow "dungeon" whipping the man with the whip even trashtalking you? Might be a good topic, bruh. Or a poll.

  6. I agree with Phil on that: the drama of watching a man try to endure his punishment, but being overwhelmed by the pain is what a flogging is all about! Will a man break or will he take it?

  7. That is a great topic, Mike! I will create a poll around it for sure--and will probably have a post discussing it. Thanks for the idea!

  8. Gary - Dude, about your bullwhipping, did it happen outdoors? Do you know if the guy used the full force of the bullwhip? Do you know what I mean by that?

  9. Mike - It should be a slow dungeon whipping, otherwise, the dude getting his back welted gets use to the pain. If the whip comes down in a 'slow' or 'irregular' manner, man, a whole bunch of psychological stuff happens, including trash talking from both sides.

  10. I totally agree about the irregular nature of things being the hardest - by far - to handle. I almost think that breaches the "flog fair" unspoken rule which typically correctional punishments still use to observe.

    I can handle a fairly brisk session - and although I agree you can get to "work with and handle" the feelings it gives, above a certain rate of strokes per minute, the cumulative effect seems more pronounced - and at least for me, becomes very difficult to take.

    This is especially so if all the strokes are landing on one area only - typically right shoulder blade it seems.

    If the strokes are mainly landing "centre back" from both a left/right and an up/down point of view, then this is MUCH less of an issue.

    On the other hand, if the interval is quite long (more than about 5 seconds), I find there is an adequate "recovery and re-focus" time which from a personal point of view, I find less demanding that a rapid-fire onslaught.

    Different stokes for different folks I guess. :)

    Just going back to the comment about different parts of the back with different resilience levels, that might make for an interesting poll or two.

    What part of the back do you find (1-easiest) (2 hardest) to take a flogging, whipping or strapping:

    Shoulder blades
    High back
    Mid back
    Lower back

    For me, easiest is Mid back,followed by high back. Hardest to take is lower back, followed by shoulder blades - especially if landing just on one.

    Be interesting to see how that compares with other folks preferences.

  11. I will mark that down for a future poll, Mark. Great idea.

  12. Buddy - For the most part, posts here have been from the dudes viewpoint on how they fear the whip or relish it, how tough they are, etc.

    I think it might be time to turn things around a bit, get some insight on what the guy doing the whipping thinks, what goes through his mind, stuff like that.

  13. Very good idea, Richie. I have never whipped a man, but I think most people would have a hard time laying a whip across a bare back with sufficient force to make the man cry out. Flogging is a test of endurance for the prisoner, but also a test of will for the Inflictor. I will plan a poll on this too!

  14. You might be right Buddy, but I have to say with something like a heavy/dense material - like codline or 1/4" leather cylindrical tails on a 2' wooden pole, you really need to be quite gentle if you don't want to raise welts VERY fast.

    While I agree completely that some folks will certainly take a good number or hard strokes stocially, I think MOST people "off the street" would be fairly vociferous if their bare backs were being lashed with a fairly serious cat.

    Not everyone is "wired" in quite the same way as us lot.

    Wouldn't it be a wonderful experiment to be able to do though - :)

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  17. Sorry about the multiple postings. It kept timing out on me and posting before I was ready.

    This will be the first time I publicly admit this. I have a few things in mind when I envision my perfect scene. The prisoner is defiant and unwilling to cooperate, so is roughly handled. The alternate version is pretty much exactly the same as the first in punishment, except that the prisoner is more in obvious fear and does things a little more willingly in the first few minutes of the scene.
    Firstly, the prisoner is dragged in from wherever by 2 huge muscular guys that tower over him. The prisoner's face registers some shock upon seeing not one, but two inflictors waiting in the room. He instinctively knows that this will not just be a test of his endurance, but a competition between them as to who will wring the most anguish from his body.
    The prisoner is forced to select his own whips from a hanging row of them that appear identical. The sentence is announced and the prisoner's hands are jerked forward and locked into iron shackles that are then hoisted until the prisoner is standing on his toes. His shirt is ripped off, revealing the faint lingering marks of a previous whipping. He is then spun around to face a wall, coming to rest a few inches from it...just enough to allow the bullwhip to wrap around.
    He closes his eyes and waits for the first blow. As the first few lashes fall, his only reaction is to hunch his shoulders slightly. The punishment grows in brutality, and his reactions vary from short intakes of breath through clenched teeth to just barely audible moans. That is, until a stroke wraps him in full fury, landing on one of the previous scars and ripping it open, and now he cannot contain a sharp outcry. The camera goes then to the inflictor who managed to wrench that outburst: his face registers an evil smirk at his success.
    The outcries become more frequent as the pain mounts to an unbearable level. He silently wills and pleads for the pain of the torture to doesn't. In one moment of sheer despair, the prisoner's head falls forward and comes to rest just slightly against the wall. He is now more hanging than standing, as he is beginning to lose consciousness, and his last thoughts are of the tiny drops of blood he can feel running down his back. The struggles against the shackles have long since ceased, as has the defiance...he simply has no more energy or fight left.
    At long last, the inflictors lay down their whips. The prisoner is released and dragged semi-conscious back to his cell/room, laid out face down on a bed/table, and as the camera pans over his back, we finally see the full extent of his wounds.
    Optional: Throw water on him as he's tied up. Show the facial reactions to his wounds being dressed as he’s laying in his room. Only ever seen 1-2 films with this and loved it both times.

    Really wouldn't mind taking an hour or so to watch this scene played out. Am I sick or what?

    Definitely needs these elements though:
    Shirt ripping.
    No audible counting from either the inflictor or the prisoner. I find it distracting and annoying to hear at times.
    Nice gap between blows, about 8-10 seconds between on average, but vary up the times so that the prisoner doesn't know exactly when it will come.
    Fake ending or a long pause? Like maybe the prisoner lost count and thinks it's over before it really is, lets his guard down to relax somewhat, then gets hit with full fury again.

    I think that's all now...

  18. What a great description! You've definitely given this some thought.

  19. Thanks! What else can I say? I've fantasized this for years. My lucky day would be ending up with a boyfriend (yes, I am a girl BTW) or husband that would let me do this sort of thing to him.

    Forgot one element though as I looked back over this...the inflictor lightly stroking the prisoner's back with the whip a few times. One of my favorite things, so don't know how I forgot it the first time.