Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Lure of the Lash

I have noticed that I have been referred to several times as “the author of this blog” or “site owner”, which tells me that I haven’t done a very good job of using my name.  I am not ashamed of what I am doing here, so I did post my name in the very first entry, but have neglected to do so in any others—I will mention it every so often from now on.  I am your humble moderator, Buddy Olive.  Please feel free to contact me via email at  I get a lot of spam to that account, so let’s have the readers of this blog us a code for the subject line:  write TAKE THE LASH in all caps. ;)

In a response to a comment made by Richie to the “Flogging As Entertainment” post (January 12), I asked readers to ask themselves this question—and respond with a comment:  "What draws you to flogging?"  Mark, a new member, wrote a fantastic response to the same post, so I encourage anyone who has a real interest in this to go back and read it.

I knew from a very young age that this excited me beyond words, but I always felt that I had to keep this interest to myself.  I was especially struck by how much I am in agreement with Mark’s succinct observation:

“I used to find it almost terrifying if a flogging came on the TV and my parents were there - I somehow thought they would sense I longed for it. I used to even forget to breathe and then suddenly have to fight hard not to take a huge intake of breath. REALLY intense interest which has never gone away. 

Since I have always thought of this as an endurance test—and indeed an often unwelcome form of punishment that is nonetheless enjoyable to watch—I have always felt that nudity was inappropriate and unnecessary for a flogging.  Mark is spot on with this:
A guy needs to test his mettle - or pay the price - with his back, bared from the shoulders to the waist. Nothing else need be naked. Just the bit that is going to be flogged, caned, lashed, belted or otherwise "tested". In other words, just his back.”

Thanks to the internet, we can now create a community—right here—of people who understand this very natural desire to test ourselves and watch others get tested.  But it still remains an “underground” pursuit.  Mark closed his comment by noting that he had joined the WhippingDudes FaceBook page, but felt that, since friends and family can see everything he does there, he had to remove his posts to the page.  I understand his concern and agree that FaceBook is probably not the best place to enhance this community, but I wanted to create a page there so that anyone who uses Facebook that likes flogging as a sport can more easily find this blog.


  1. To this day, I cannot be in the same room with other's if there is even the slightest implication that a whipping is going to take place, be it on TV or in a movie. I gotta boogie because I know how I react to even the crack of a whip.

    I got hooked as a kid. There was a bunch of us that hung out. Growing up in a rural area, we were always getting into trouble, but we had this spot in the woods and there was a willow tree there. One of the guys cut a branch and said 'wow, this is like a whip', from there on, I was whipped, figuratively speaking.

    But what about the first time you actually felt the whip on your back? What was going through your mind? Were you scared? Was the pain what you expected it to be?

    Yah, I know what happened to me the first time, and it fricken shocked the crap out of me, among other things. I remember I didn't feel the pain at first, it was like a delayed reaction, but once my brain and body made the connection it was like my back was on fire. Even though I braced myself for the impact, my body still cringed and I got weak in the knees.

    Was it all I expected, oh yah, even more so, and I couldn't wait for it to happen again.

  2. That's a really good recollection, Richie. I was going to write a new post today, but I want to keep this topic at the top of the blog through the weekend to see if more people will share with us.

  3. I saw my first TV/movie whipping scene when I was about 9 or 10, and I was fascinated. I had to find out what that sort of experience would be like. Like others in this group, I could not watch a whipping scene if someone else was present. Finally, when I was about 11, I got up the nerve to apply a leather strap to my bare back. It was painful, but I kept it up for several lashes. After that, I was hooked.

    1. I was a baby-boomer-boob-tuber, and I watched re-runs of the old western shows. When I was about 9y/o, I remember watching The Big Valley and the Journey into Violence episode where Heath Barkley (Lee Majors) was kidnapped by members of a religious cult, and horsewhipped when he tried to escape.
      I had also seen the early 1960's remake of "Mutiny On The Bounty" not long before, and that's when my awakening began. At such a young age, I didn't even know what a hard-on was, but both times, I was absolutely throbbing.
      Both times, I was wishing that I could be taking their places. John Mills taking the cat, and Heath Barkley taking the whip.....
      Quite sadly, Heath's back showed little signs of being punished, but Mills' back was rightly cut and welted.

  4. A new member, I wanted to respond, if only to say that it's got to be one of the manliest things on the earth, to take a whipping on your back. I have been drawn to this since childhood, and remember a scene of Lucas McCain being whipped on the western "The Rifleman." The sight of a whipping in a movie or on TV has always left me nearly breathless.
    A poster recently recalled that at around age 11 he got up the nerve to apply a leather strap to his bare back. I remember using leather shoelaces. I was fascinated with the marks they left. It hurt, but I liked it.
    Many years ago I corresponded with a guy who wrote about how he liked to endure "hot sweaty whippings," struggling to endure the pain of the lash. Flogging as an endurance test. Reading about that left me nearly breathless, too. I wanted to experience it.
    Echoing what Mark observed, there seem to be not so many who are into this as punishment style back flogging. - Many are into the BDSM scene, who are frustrated that it is back only that I am looking for, and not after endless sensual play. Eventually, I did meet someone who gave me the experience that I was looking for. Just recently I was able to reconnect with him. I can't wait for it to happen again.

  5. Todd, when I wrote "when I was about 11, I got up the nerve to apply a leather strap to my bare back," I had experimented with shoelaces too. I would tie several of them together in an effort to create the "cat-o-nine tails" effect. One great thing about a group like this is learning that I am not the only one.

  6. Tried a smooth and somewhat shiny leather belt. Found that it makes a nice sharp 'thwack' sound and stings for a few minutes but doesn't really leave marks.

    Shoelaces, on the other hand, can be absolute agony if done right. They sting like crazy when applied. I've stopped just short of drawing blood, and had some nice welts for awhile that would hurt when water or sweat touched them.

  7. I took an old braided leather belt once and un-braided it. Surprisingly, it had 9 individual strips of leather (when I tried counting them before taking it apart, it looked like there were only five). So, I ended up with an actual cat o'nine tails.

    Despite being a very old belt, worn soft with use, the individual pieces of leather proved to keep their bent shape and remained relatively stiff. I bound them together at one end with a knot which doubled for a handle.

    I then asked a friend to lash me with it. He did lay some good ones on, but he wasn't into it and wouldn't go past five. Nonetheless, those permanent bends in the leather acted like knots, and left mean blood-blisters, especially on the sides where the whip wrapped around.

    It was blissful agony for DAYS after that, as I would sit back in my chair at work and go "aahhh".

  8. Didn't know where else to post this, but I had a question. What's the highest number of lashes you've taken, and with what implement?

  9. I had a really hard session one night where we both lost count. Different whips were used, too, so I can't for sure answer this question.

  10. Richie - I'd love to flog your back, your front, wherever you'd like.

    My first time seeing a flogging was on a Walt Disney show called The Swamp Fox. Teen movie idol Tim Considine was stripped to the waist and tied to a post on the front porch of a Colonial house, and flogged, I think, to death. At least, the character, Gabe, never appeared again.

    I was too little to get a hard-on, as I recall it, but it certainly took my breath away. I've read it was done during the '50s on TV because it was one of the few acts of violence the censors of that time would accept.

    I got my first flogging boner while watching Mutiny on the Bounty--the Marlon Brando version. I think it was Richard Harris under the whip. I bought the book and would delectate to Nordhoff/Hall's description of the process, how so many lashes took the cat victim's breath away, so many more broke the flesh, so many more exposed the bone. Gruesome, but oh, so bonerific.

    I always thought it was because it was the only way you ever saw two men touch each other.

    [I'm posting as anonymous because I once tried to join a yahoo group devoted to Male Flogging Scenes, and I could never get my computer to interact with the yahoo program. Is this a yahoo program, too?]

  11. This is not a Yahoo program. It is Blogger (or blogspot). You would log in with a Google account if you create a user ID.

  12. Okay. I'm posting now using my name. Thanks, WD.

    Jay (formerly anonymous)

  13. How do I read what I take to be another Google blog, under the lash?

  14. Under the Lash is another blog by another author, but it is private, which means you have to be invited by the author in order to be able to view it. I was once given his contact information and emailed him, but he never got back with me.

  15. To the dude who wants to flog my back or front, ain't gonna happen in the summertime, not with me workin' outdoors and no shirt on. Besides, since you signed in Anonymously...kinda hard to make contact.

  16. go to search type in down on the farm

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