Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flogging The Blog: Comments

We have had some really good comments over the past few days, and they have been spread around the blog, attached to various posts.  I am glad that there are so many people as passionate about flogging as a topic as I am—and are feeling increasingly comfortable in posting comments.   I would like to point out a couple specifically:

Congratulations to OKLASH for his comment yesterday on the “Flogging As Entertainment” post (Jan 12).  He paints quite an image, not only of the scene of a muscular back under the lash, but of what a man endures—and why—when he strips off his shirt.  Well done!

Curious One also made well-thought out comments on the “Video Inspirations” post (Jan 18) concerning elements of my most recent video, Soldier’s Punishment: Flogging.  I am grateful for his rating of at 4.5 out of 5 stars.  He points out some of the weaknesses of the video, such as the script having the Prisoner pronounce “punishment completed” (because only an official overseeing the punishment has that authority) and the technical aspect that the green screen didn’t zoom when the camera zoomed in on the Prisoner’s back after punishment.  The problems with the green screen effects I had noticed during editing, but I didn’t want to waste the video and not publish it for some cosmetic problems—it was a good hard flogging and deserved to be shown (and seems to be very popular on YouTube). 

have had comments both ways concerning the background used. Some liked the "dramatic" effect of the brick wall, while others have said that they liked the "erotic" (their word) black background found in my previous two videos. I am actually greatly encouraged by the differences of opinion coming from the audience on this matter:  While it does mean that I won't please everyone all the time, it does open up the opportunity to create a variety over time.  I have other backgrounds in mind—including truly outdoor scenes—so rest assured that your patience will be rewarded.

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