Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flogging As Entertainment

I was excited to read that an Anonymous contributor was inspired by my YouTube videos to endure a flogging for himself for the first time; he noted on a comment to the Jan 1 post that, “…man it hurt but I will definitely do again!”  I believe this is evidence to support what I have understood through intuition for a long time:  Flogging is something many people enjoy—they either just don’t consciously know they like it or are afraid to acknowledge it (even to themselves).  I have always believed that most people just liked to watch floggings (mostly due to the extreme nature of this challenge and peoples’ natural voyeuristic tendencies), but this indicates that with the right inspiration, many people will jump to the challenge of an experience under the lash!

Further evidence that flogging is more generally accepted than most would expect comes from a movie review I read years ago about Starship Troopers when it first came out (I can’t find a link-reference to the article, so you’ll just have to take my word).  The author of the article said that the young-adult audience, which had been somewhat rowdy up to that point, went silent during the flogging scene.  He was particularly struck by the fact that this was the only part of the movie in which that happened.  Of course, Casper Van Dien is a good-looking muscular actor, and watching him tied up shirtless for a flogging is enough to give anyone pause.

As we continue to build this community and to spread awareness of this extreme challenge, I thought it would be appropriate to create a WhippingDudes FaceBook page.  Please visit and “Like” it—and recommend it to friends.


  1. Couldn't agree more, dude. Flogging/Whipping is something that people enjoy, and they are afraid to admit it, probably because of the connotations it carry's with those who do not approve of the act itself.

    I heard the same quote you did about Star Ship Troopers. The whipping was the best part of the movie, although it didn't last long enough. The coolest part, when Casper spit out the mouth piece after the bullwhip hit his back a couple times. It was also kind of interesting that the dude whipping Casper was black, justice for the years of slavery, I guess. The rest of the film was totally ridiculous. It must have been sponsored by Raid.

    This is really going to piss people off, but I sure wish that the followers here would start posting their comments again. I mean, if all they're here for is to see your next vid, they suck eggs. Sorry, dude, but it takes more than just two people to keep a blog going.

  2. Thanks, Richie. It does take more than just the input of two people to make a blog dynamic and interesting. So, I hope that people will start weighing in on some issues. I want to know what attracts various people to this. Obviously, not everyone is willing to expose his back to the lash, but many people do like to watch it. So the question for readers of this blog to answer (and I hope they will do so publicly by commenting) is: what draws you to this?

  3. I have been reading some of the posts on here - and in some cases the only reason I KNEW I hadn't posted it myself was because I have only just joined.

    Same interest of course, but same background (Mutiny on the bounty as a kid), same fascination, same urges and needs, same approach to "back only". The list goes on.

    It is so refreshing to find this group - I have hunted long and hard for the old MMBBF in the hope it might have been resurected - and finally I find this :)

    I have joined a few groups in the past (made one once) but then yahoo went on a little rampage and shut all of them down - usually just as a good set of photographs and "personal acocunts" were starting to appear.

    It is true there are plenty of caning / whipping sites out there - but it seems almost every other site is about the buttocks which I'm afraid do absolutely nothing for me at all.

    I have no problem with a cane or a tawse, but they need to be landing about a foot or so higher.

    A guy needs to test his mettle - or pay the price - with his back, bared from the shoulders to the waist. Nothing else need be naked. Just the bit that is going to be flogged, caned, lashed, belted or otherwise "tested". In otherwords, just his back.

    In the UK, there are not many folks who I have found, who are into this - I have met some amiable folks in the BDSM scene (and indeed made some VERY good friends) but almost all of the other aspects do not "do it for me" - or at least have nothing to do with back flogging. So although I have found males and females who are happy to swing a cat in my general direction - they are frustrated that it is back only - and that I am not after endless sensual play - more like a decent punishment style flogging.

    The furry things are all very nice, but not what I need when I have a hunger to feel my back being put through its paces.

    So all that waffle aside (please forgive me), it is great to find a gathering of like minded folks - perhaps even one or two based in the UK - stranger things have happened.

    In answer to WhippingDudes question, I can only say that I have been drawn into having my back hit/beaten etc since a VERY young age - even before I watched Mutiny On The Bounty, I knew than when I came off my bike / go-cart etc and slammed my back on something - it sort of "felt good when it really got thumped". As such, watching it happen to someone else has always sent me into something approaching a trance like state.

    The more authentic the better and watching someone take it "for real" evokes emotions of everything from empathy, envy, excitement, "deep breathing calm". The most powerful of all, usually envy.

    Never tried to explain my interest in feeling it or watching it to the folks - as even as a little kid I realised that it wasn't quite "usual" to want to tease / wind-up a friend in the hope he would punch you - and then turn around and let him carry on whacking your back for a bit.

    I used to find it almost terrifying if a flogging came on the TV and my parents were there - I somehow thought they would sense I longed for it. I used to even forget to breathe and then suddenly have to fight hard not to take a huge intake of breath.

    REALLY intense interest which has never gone away.

    I will now read some more of the entries on here. Incidentally, I have joined the facebook page but as it seemed that whatever option I clicked it made comments on my "main page" - and family are on my list, I had to remove the comment I made - so apologies. If i can ever work out Facebooks security stuff, I will gladly use it.

    Sorry if I waffled a bit, just really pleased to find this group :)

  4. A real man knows when he needs the whip, not for punishment, not for discipline, but just to feel alive and justify in his mind his right to call himself a man.

    Each of us, despite being an outwardly successful, confident, accomplished male, has a place inside where we try to keep locked up our nagging self doubt, culpability, guilt and a fear of being a failure, of not living up to expectations.These emotions grow and build to a breaking point, ultimately keeping us from achieving everything we can be as a man.

    The Remedy: Ritualistic flogging, an honorable pursuit of ultimate masculinity. Atonement. Purification. The ancients observed that the muscled male back was built for the whip, and designed the cat specifically for that purpose.

    Shirt off, arms stretched up and bound spreadeagle above his head, nothing clears a man's mind like a whip burning fire across his naked back. A powerful rebalancing occurs as retribution and justice are served, those screaming welts on back and shoulders are taken in trade for culpability, each stripe cleansing a bit of what is unclean, impure, unworthy.

    An unbelievable male bond is created when a man places himself in that position, trusting another guy at this level, knowing his punisher will honor and respect him with all the fury he can muster, will support and coach him through that experience, and will give him the freedom he desperately needs by laying waste to his back and shoulders.

    For the guy wielding the whip, the awesome trust placed in him with this honorable pursuit is an incredible bond as well. Knowing that he must be thorough to give his buddy what he needs, he will exhaust himself in the effort and pay respect with every lash laid down full force.

    Each man full well knowing that next time they will trade places.

    There's nothing like it in the world, gents, simply the ultimate masculinity-building and male bonding experience.

  5. I think many people have enjoyed, or at least have been fascinated by, a scene in which a shirtless man is tied up and lashed with a whip. Flogging is the one form of violence that has been allowed -- even in a Disney movie -- and even in the old days when the Hollywood censors ruled the motion picture industry. In most of the scenes, the culprit is portrayed as the victim of unjust punishment, but a careful analysis does not support that. Take two well-known flogging scenes as an example.

    In Mutiny on the Bounty (1962), Mills is sentenced to two dozen lashes for calling his captain a thief. Actually, he got off light. His accusation made no sense either. Supposedly, the captain offloaded some of the ship's cheese before departure. They were going on a round-the-world journey and would be gone for several months. Just how much cheese would the captain have to remove in order for that to be practical or beneficial to anyone left ashore?

    Then there is "Damn the Defiant" in which a rowdy Irish punk puts up his fists everytime someone bumps into him. Unfortunately for him, he did it to an officer and was sentenced to receive six dozen lashes. The wimpy captain reduces it to two dozen, but that is enough to teach the punk some manners, as he collapses on the deck, and in later scenes, seems to have calmed down and matured.

  6. You mentioned one of my favorite movies which included flogging, Anonymous. But my favorite flogging scene in "Damn the Defiant" was the 2nd scene where Evans is flogged for a non-offense. After completion of his two-dozen lashes, he falls to his knees, mouths off and threatens the XO (who is in command because the Captain has been injured). The XO orders "Another two dozen!" and Evans is lifted back to his feet to feel the lash again. Personally, I would have liked the XO to order "Four dozen more!", given his penchant for six-dozen lash floggings.

  7. In "Damn the Defiant," we do not see a lot of either flogging, but the conclusion to the second is stimulating, to say the least. The shirtless prisoner, his striped back glistening with swat, and still quivering from the ordeal he has gone through, still has the spirit to tell the XO off. For the purpose of maintaining discipline on the ship, he needs at least another two dozen. Too bad we did not get to see them.

  8. I will say this flat out, you do not know what it really means to be a man and how much a man's body can handle until you've receive a real bare back flogging. I'm not saying there's lots of men out there who who aren't men cos they haven't felt a real lashing; Their Endurance and stamina is powerful and capacity to absorb pain is great, its just they don't know their ultimate potential.
    I enjoy watching a good flogging and laying one on too. Very few strong fit men who won't benefit by it. Don't want to see the old and infirm get it or chicks. And its best with a sheen of sweat on that body.
    I'm bi and what really turns me on is that I as a strong guy have got my shirt off, strung up, and getting the LASH hard and brutal with a good-looking woman watching me take my punishment. Flex out and shrug your shoulders after its done like it was nothing. That is a HUGE turn on. Like to hear from other guys who feel the same way. C'mon guys, you want to show off your manliness to her.

    1. Right you are, Mike, "show off your manliness", and more, I might add: I'm not bi, but having Jessica, my significant other, by my side every time I'm under the bullwhip is something I don't want to be without (same goes for my brother and our buddies, and their s/o) and for good reason: once the whip count reaches the first dozen my penis gets transformed into a cast iron boner that, as soon as the flogging is complete, is ready for hard labor, with Jessica's you know what as its work place. So yeah, Mike, I too shall not be under the bullwhip without a lady standing within reach.

  9. Damn the Defiant has the most arousing flogging scenes that I know of, especially the "Another two dozen" scene that several people have commented on. I confess to having ejaculated many times at that point in the movie. The idea that this sadistic first mate (played by Dirk Bogarde) has the authority (without any pretense of court martial or captain's mast) to instantly order two dozen lashes on the back of this man who is already shivering and on the verge of collapse... Whew! And he is then immediately dragged back to the grating, and even though we don't see the results, we do hear the lashes delivered as the scene fades out on a long shot of the ship.

  10. Hi its Toughpaul - I'm back from my long break running Outward Bound courses for youngsters & have been catching up with the blog.

    For Mark - I disagree that flogging has to be over upper back only. For punishment OK maybe. But for masculine pain endurance trials, testing onself, building toughness, etc - the pain can (& should) take as many varied forms as possible. I've tried upper back with whip & belt, arse with cane & tawse, my abs, thighs & upper arms hit with flat rulars, & sometimes I test myself with nipple clamps. I Can write more about this if desired.

    For Mike - I've asked my GF to watch my floggings but she wont. She has watched me endure a nip clamp endurance test though!

    For Oaklash - I agree about the bonding. Ritualistic flogging between two guys is the ultimate in trust. When Phil & I share a whipping the love & care with which we whip each other is (I think) quite beautiful.

    Paul Lajos

  11. Hi Paul.

    I didn't know I has said "Upper Back only" - indeed other than the very lowest part of the back, the whole area of the back seems a fair target.

    As for endurance trials and tests, I agree many folks do use nipple clamps on themselves and each other and others clamps / restraints etc - but in my mind this is not "flogging" - nor is whacking with rulers etc and gut punching.

    Each to their own absolutely - but to my mind, although arse/abs/thigh beating/endurance/ritual / rites of passage etc may be severe, possibly extreme - it would not be my defniation of "flogging" - (or "whipping" for that matter).

  12. Hey mike-
    just got your blog about what a turn on it is for you to have your gf watch-
    I too like that and even more enjoy her supervising the session which i have done-
    not delivering the punishment though-
    i prefer a man to do that-
    woman don't have the intuitive knowhow i think-
    anyway just though i'd mention...


  13. For me, anyway, the most intense place for the whip to strike is the lower part of the back, just above the waist line.

    What is this fascination with the cane across the bare ass that the UK dudes have? Is that what was used to punish kids when they were growing up? Is it like a carry over from childhood?

    I dunno about this nipple clamp stuff. Never tried it, and I'm not sure I'd want to either. No offense to anyone, but to me, it has implications that are not appealing period. If I wanna put myself through some male right of passage, getting beat up and walking away with a bloody nose and black eye are more my style.

  14. Richie-- Cane on bare ass or whip over back, its pain! What's the diference? And no I wasn't punished this way as a kid, but if I'm going to test myself or be tested with pain, I want to try as many diferent things as pos.

    Nip clamps give an intense continuous pain & it takes willpower to endure it and overcome the urge to take them off. That's what I'm into - tests of willpower, stoicisam & toughness.

  15. Sorry! I don't know why my last comment appeared as Anonymous. I'm quite happy to be identified as Toughpaul.

    Richie-- Cane on bare ass or whip over back, its pain! What's the diference? And no I wasn't punished this way as a kid, but if I'm going to test myself or be tested with pain, I want to try as many diferent things as pos.

    Nip clamps give an intense continuous pain & it takes willpower to endure it and overcome the urge to take them off. That's what I'm into - tests of willpower, stoicisam & toughness.

  16. Hey, all I was curious about was the cane stuff. It seems to be real common in Europe, and I was wondering if there was some tradition or history behind it, that's all.

  17. Glad to find this blog, and it's nice to see so many comments that reflect my own feelings. It looks like many of us thought the same things when we watched the same movies and read the same books!

    Like OKLash, I'm drawn to the aspects of feeling alive, testing, and building masculinity.

  18. Did some digging around on the Internet today, and found this...the back-up site for the Men Whipped in the Movies database.

    It features a VERY long list of many major whipping scenes, though sadly, I couldn't find most of the movies anywhere online.

    It also has the review that Buddy referenced about the Starship Troopers flogging in the first post of this thread, where the audience went silent for the whipping scene.

    Check it out!

  19. If you are looking for film and TV whipping clips and stills, the best online collection that I know of is Stars and Stripes,

    The group features male on male only, and the moderator is strict, but fair, about enforcing the charter. Because the charter limits the postings to things shown on broadcast TV or in mainstream (not porn) theaters, there is no way anyone can validly object and have things taken down.

    To see the photos and videos you must create a multiply account and sign in.

  20. Stars and stripes was banned from multiply recently.

  21. Yes, which is odd as they were quite strict in ensuring that only images and discussions centered around film / historical floggings are permitted. I guess multiply is as "under the thumb" as Yahoo was.

    Hopefully it will rise again but this time use a host which couldn't give a rat's flange about such topics instead of pulling the entire site without warning.


  22. I am a forty year old dude from essex who has a burning desire to recieve forty lashes of the cat across my bare back. is there any dudes in the london or southern eastern regions that hold competitions as I would be a very good contender.

  23. Hmm, I'm not in the South East but a competition sounds fun.

    46, Midlands up for rope/leather cats or pretty much anything else really so long as back is the only target on me.

  24. Alright there again Mark', Yes a competiton does sound exceptionally good does'nt it', i'm well up for beng the recipient and would be up for tolerating the pain factor and tempory mild scarring though certainly not permanent injuries!. What type of 'Cat' would full fill this funtion'. look forward to here from you mark.later Jon

  25. I share your thoughts on the permenent injuries - perhaps if a competition DID get under way there would some agreement that if it went beyond a certain point / time or the flogger decided that no-one was going to give in before things got a bit messy, they could declare a truce - and ideally a re-match :)

    To be honest, most cats (as opposed to scourages) would be suitable but a codline cat can cut quite quickly. A rope cat tends to "abrade" the skin rather than cut it and a wet rope cat has a fairly powerful combination of thud & sting.

    Leather cats I would park somewhere between the too - stingier than rope, thuddier than codline (whipcord).

    Other things which can be used no great effect while being extremely unlikley to cause lasting harm is a tawse. Dense enough to pack heat and power, not rigid enough to damage ribs / shoulder blades.

    Be very interested to hear the views of others, but I would be surprised if anyone said they had experinced both and felt a tawse was not "up there along with a cat" for ability to focus the mind!

    Other than that, I reckon we have a similar idea - bit of an endurance test / workout for the back - with the proviso that two or three weeks later, we can take out shirts off at the swimming pool without freaking people out!

    Anyone else interested in perhaps a UK meeting of like minds. Seems like there are two guys here so far who need the services of a powerful arm - more would be good - on either side of the lash.


  26. Scuse errors in previous post.

    Scourge, not scourage!
    "Other things which can be used TO great.."