Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Premier Blog on Whipping & Flogging

Thank you for joining the WhippingDudes blog.  I’m your host, Buddy Olive.  This blog exists to be a forum about the discipline it takes for a man to endure the traditional punishment of flogging.  Here you can join in the discussion, tell your story, comment on clips you have seen, or discuss the finer points of what drives a man to seek this unforgiving test.

The goal of the WhippingDudes blog is to become the premier blog on the subject of watching fit men take the lash on their bare backs—and discussing the floggings our readers have endured.  Right now, we have flogging clips uploaded to YouTube featuring our exclusive Shirtless Muscle Dude.  I encourage you to check out the clips—and subscribe to our WhippingDudes YouTube channel at  We will upload more clips periodically.

The endurance of a painful flogging is not only a uniquely masculine pursuit: it is also very enjoyable to watch.  Each man reacts differently as the pain mounts with every lash.  A muscular man you expect to stoically endure may break down within a few strokes, while a skinny swimmer may bear a full 50 lashes without so much as a whimper.  You can never predict the reactions of the next man that steps up to brave the whip.

Many people enjoy flogging and whipping in the sensual sense, in the privacy of their bedrooms with their significant other.  Here, we talk about the essence of flogging:  the pain and the bravery it takes for a man to strip off his shirt and commit to showing the world how he endures the lash.  From the cat o’nine tails, to the prison strap, the quirt, leather belts, and more, this blog is dedicated to describing, discussing, and understanding how a man takes it on his back.


  1. How long and wide is a prison strap?

  2. The one we use in our videos is 21.5" long total (including the handle), with the leather part being 14" and 2.5" wide.