Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great Viewership

If you have had a chance to view our uploaded YouTube clips, you probably noticed that we have had over 10,000 views of our first video “Shirtless Muscle Dude Gets Whipped” in just the two months since we posted it.  Our second video, “Shirtless Punishment Whipping” has had over 3,000 views in just under three weeks!

We are very glad that people are enjoying watching us at our new hobby!  We are having a lot of fun with the actual test of endurance that is flogging, but also enjoy tinkering with technology and trying to make the production values (lighting, editing, etc) better over time.  We will be posting a new clip very soon.  And in an effort to give viewers what they want, we are conducting a poll on our YouTube channel site seeking input on which whip to use in our next session.  Please visit the WhippingDudes YouTube channel to register your preference between watching our Shirtless Muscle Dude 1) get flogged like a felon with the brutal prison strap or 2) taking a solder’s punishment with the cruel single-tailed quirt.  Feel free to make a note of your preference in the comments section of this blog post, too!

1 comment:

  1. always interesting in meeting guys into taking the lash - yahoo msgr